4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Bathroom

by Nancy DeZarn

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People are in their bathrooms a lot longer than they realize! A recent poll suggested that we spend a total of 92 days in the bathroom in our lifetime. Despite this, our bathrooms tend to be neglected when it comes to interior design since it's not necessarily a "public" room. Here are four reasons to consider a bathroom makeover, and the ways it will benefit you as well.

1. Get Inspired While You Shower

In this article by Buffer, Alice Flaherty, a renowned neuroscientist, suggests that we are most creative when we are releasing more dopamine, which we do in the shower!  On top of that, getting into the shower enters us into an "incubation period", where the unconscious mind can allow more buried thoughts to rise to the surface. A bathroom you love will definitely increase dopamine levels and get you in that incubation period! A few minutes luxuriating in a new frameless shower will really get those creative juices flowing.

2. Solve Your Bathroom Problems

Bathrooms are easily one of the hardest rooms to keep up with. After a while, mold can start building up. Or, maybe you just moved into a new home and have old, out-of-date decor. Replacing old faucets, dated tiles, or unfashionable showers will make your space a lot more welcoming -- which is great for a place where you spend a lot of time!

3. Decrease Cleaning Time

Many standard or older showers can get a lime-scale build-up over time, making them look cloudy and worn. Dulles Glass offers ClearShield Surface Protection as an option. ClearShield repels water, decreasing the chance of water spots and corrosion that can happen over time. In addition, showers treated with ClearShield are easier to keep clean. Just use a squeegee after showering, and occasionally follow-up with a treatment product every few weeks, and your shower will stay as clean as the day it was installed!

4. Get Your Bathroom a Makeover

Sometimes you just want something new. A different look can be inspiring and motivating, especially if you design it yourself. Go as small as painting the walls a new color, or go all out with a new shower and a giant wall mirror! Giving yourself room to be creative will be rewarding in the end.

Itching to get started? Dulles Glass has got your back! Check out our buying guides and get a free quote today. By the end, you will surely love your glass! So come on...your bathroom makeover awaits!

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