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by Nancy DeZarn

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Owning a home, apartment or condo is a great way to build equity for your future. Updating your bathroom and shower designs is one way to build equity. One of the trickiest aspects, however, is when you decide to remodel your home. Will your remodel improve the look and the value of your home, or merely the look? Ideally, you want to achieve both objectives. One quick way to improve the look, feel and value of your house is to install a new glass shower or bath doors.

Types of Shower Surrounds

Shower Surrounds | Maryland, Virginia & DC

Dulles Glass provides many shower enclosures and shower surrounds such as single panel shower doors, door, and panel shower doors, neo angle shower doors, sliding glass shower doors, and bathtub doors. Corner showers make smaller bathrooms appear bigger and they prevent functional obsolescence. Neo angle showers can be perfect for corner spaces with low ceilings. Single panel and door and panel shower doors are perfect for curbless showers. And don’t forget that curbless showers are ergonomic for the elderly and people with disabilities and they also make for easy cleaning. Bathtub doors are also a great addition to any bathroom that can offer privacy to occupants and make cleaning your tub or shower area easier.

Shower Glass & Shower Wall Options

Shower Glass & Shower Wall Options

Dulles Glass offers several different types of glass for your bathroom and shower designs: standard high-quality tempered glass, HDglassTM,  frosted and rain glass. HDglass is the clearest glass you can get. Standard clear glass is a budget-friendly option that also offers very high-quality clarity. Rain glass and frosted glass both offer enhanced privacy to shower or bath occupants, with rain glass providing the most opacity. You should also consider a protective coating of ClearShield on your new tub or shower doors. ClearShield makes the surface of the glass very smooth and impenetrable at the molecular level, preventing water, dirt, and bacteria from discoloring and damaging your new glass. With ClearShield, your glass will stay in top shape for years to come.

Custom Shower Door Hardware

Glass Shower With Chrome Hardware

For your new shower, you choose the hardware, mounting fixtures, and other customizations such as glass thickness. You can get your mounting hardware fixtures finished in chrome, brass, oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel. There are also a variety of handle types and towel hanger types to choose from. The fixtures and finish you choose will be the ones that best suit your bathroom.

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Additional Bathroom And Shower Design Features

You should also consider adding some glass shelving to your bathroom. Increase storage space and reduce clutter by adding shelving to corners and above your vanity area. We offer shelves of nearly any shape to fit your bathroom unique dimensions. Finally, another suggestion to enhance the look of your bathroom is to replace your mirrors with brand new replacement mirror glass. You pick the dimensions, the type of glass, and the customizations and we get it cut and fabricated for you. Our sister online glass company, Dulles Glass & Mirror, has a shelf sale where you can save 50% or more on Fiora shelves.

These simple suggestions—adding shower or bathtub doors (or replacing them) and glass shelving—will increase your home resale value by improving the look and function of your bathroom. If you provide us with the measurements of your shower or tub area, we can help you decide which type of glass enclosure will be best and give you a quick estimate. We can also install your new tub or shower doors, shelving and mirrors for you. That saves you time and hassle.

Bathroom And Shower Designs | Maryland, Northern Virginia & Washington DC

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