Bathroom Tile Trends for 2019: Shower of Your Dreams Series

by Nancy DeZarn

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We know that one of the big trends in 2016 for bathroom remodeling is turning your bathroom into a spa right in your own home. If you're considering a bathroom remodel, then you need to know how to use your bathroom tile to create the bathroom and shower of your dreams.

Selecting The Right Bathroom Tile

Selecting the right bathroom tiles is usually one of the earlier tasks in your bathroom remodel. In fact, we recommend that you have your tiles selected and installed before having your shower installed. This makes it easier for us as your shower enclosure partners to get the right measurements and be able to install faster from the time you engage with us. But, we love to help you create the ultimate shower space.  So what kinds of trends are we seeing for bathroom tiles in 2016?

Large Format Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

DalTile Large Format Tiles in Bamboo Forest

With the emphasis on subway tiles in recent years, the world is ready for larger-format tiles. Many tile manufacturers are offering larger tiles in sizes such as 30" x 30", 36" x 36", and even as large as 40" x 40". You can even use 24"x24" tiles in a smaller bathroom to give it a more expansive feel.

Many of these large-format tiles share another design trend with natural looks. These beautiful Italian tiles from DalTile are from the Veranda Tones collection. The color is Bamboo Forest and the tiles show beautiful detail in the wood grain look. Offered in sizes up to 20" x 20", these tiles look great in all size bathrooms...but will look especially great with a glass shower enclosure where their fabulous look can be seen rather than hidden behind a shower curtain. With fewer grout lines to keep clean and an expansive aesthetic, large format bathroom tiles are a new and exciting trend.

Experimental Shapes

Honeycomb tiles used by Bliss@Home in bathroom remodel.

Honeycomb tiles used by [email protected] in bathroom remodel.

Whether the tiles are small or large, getting away from squares or rectangles is heating up.  One popular shape is the honeycomb or hexagon. Seen in the small format on flooring or large format on the walls, this is one beehive that you'll want in your space!

This example from the [email protected] blog shows how the hexagonal shape can really update a space. They used Carrera marble tiles to bring luxury and interest into a space that needed an update.

Combining the hexagonal tiles with other shapes is also a technique that takes a space from dull and traditional to updated and edgy (while still remaining classic enough to stand the test of time!) You can use a combination of white, gray, and black honeycomb tiles to create a unique and interesting visual.

Luxembourg Arabesque Tiles from Wayfair.

Luxembourg Arabesque Tiles from Wayfair.

This tile is unique in that it comes in a square, but gives the appearance of an arabesque tile. This makes the tile easy to install. And, it comes in on-trend colors with an interesting texture as well. For a look that is classy yet modern, the arabesque tile is a great choice for your new home spa shower.

New, neutral updates to classic styles are style trends that you can count on to be around for a while. Most of us want something that will last for a long time to come, and these Moroccan-inspired tiles in neutral tones will do just that.

These tiles are available from Wayfair, where you can find a whole collection of stylish and on-trend bathroom tiles for your remodeling project.

White, Gray, and Black: The New Bathroom Tile Neutral

A Dulles Glass Metro shower in an all-white bathroom.

A Dulles Glass Metro shower in an all-white bathroom.

Bathrooms in the recent decade have been dominated by beige, cream, and lighter brown neutrals.  The new neutrals are white, gray, and black-and-white.  All white bathrooms are popular, along with combinations of all 3 colors. While this might seem like a sterile color combination, a whole new world of possibilities occurs when you use these tones. You can get more creative with colorful accessories, and change them up more often.

The bathroom to the left is a Metro shower from Dulles Glass in an all-white bathroom. This bathroom features large format tiles on the floors and inside the shower. As you can see, accessories in bold colors really pop on an all-white background.

Here's another example of a frameless shower screen from Dulles Glass, installed in a white and gray bathroom. Again, you can see that the accessories stand out in this type of color scheme. A frameless shower screen is an interesting way to enclose your shower without a door if that is what you like.

light gray modern bathroom tile

Also, note that the tiles in this bathroom are uniform on the walls and the floor with the exception of an accent wall where accent tiles with texture are used to create some visual interest. Walls are painted pure white, which is also the color of the bathtub.

Glass shelves go well in a monotone color scheme because they don't take away from the rest of the color scheme.

Artisan Bathroom Tile

One final trend to explore is hand-made, artisan bathroom tiles. The emphasis here is on creativity, color, and innovation -- all with the pride of hand-crafted materials. "Handmade tile walks a fine line between functional building material and fine art," says the Mercury Mosaics Web site, where you can learn more about how the tiles are made in the USA, by hand, in a wide range of colors and styles.

Moroccan fish scale bathroom tile from Mercury Mosaics.

Moroccan fish scale tiles from Mercury Mosaics.

Here's a beautiful example that illustrates the Mercury Mosaics philosophy with Moroccan fish scales tile paired with shiny, glossy white subway tiles. This pairing is artistic yet functional and speaks to the desire to create a space that is uniquely yours.  

Many people have considerations besides look and style. Sustainable or eco-friendly manufacturing may be an additional factor in decision-making for bathroom tiles. Many manufacturers have begun to take this to heart and create tiles with that in mind.

Fire Clay Tile features up to 70% recycled materials in their tiles, which are also beautiful and hand-made in their California facility.

Fire Clay Tile bathroom tiles

Zen Inspiration from Fire Clay Tile in California.

This sample bathroom from Fire Clay Tile sums up many of the 2016 design trends we've been talking about. Called "Zen Inspiration," this bathroom showcases beautiful handwork bathroom tile in unique shapes and sizes, set in a bathroom that brings together the modern and natural, which has been an ongoing trend for the past several years.

The pairing of the tiles with the natural wood finishes in this bathroom creates an escape and get away for the modern family to enjoy.

So, which bathroom tile trend is your favorite? Comment us and we'll let you know what you think.

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