Full Wall Mirrors For Home Gyms

by Nancy DeZarn

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A high-quality full wall mirror is an essential piece of equipment for any home or corporate gym. The beginning of the year is time for a fresh start. Make getting fit your New Year's resolution this year. Improving your fitness requires determination, gym equipment, and correct exercise form.

Why Buy a Full Wall Mirror for Your Home Gym?

A full wall mirror for your home gym gives instant feedback on exercise form and posture. Working out with correct posture is critical for getting the most out of a workout and minimizing the risk of injury. Yoga enthusiasts, weight lifters, or treadmill runners will appreciate this. Mirrors installed around a room can be an advantage for fitness centers and dance studios. The mirrors will provide reflection at every angle. This allows fitness instructors a great way to ensure correct form and posture. Full wall mirrors for your home gym reflect light and create the illusion of more space. Lighten up that dark basement room with a gym mirror or add gym mirrors to a smaller room to create the illusion of space.

Dulles Glass provides exceptionally high-quality full wall gym mirrors and installation services. We are here to help businesses that want to provide customers with top quality gym mirrors and homeowners who want to create a well-equipped home gym.

Upgrade MiraSafe gym mirrors with safety backing to prevent large mirrors from shattering into sharp fragments. MiraSafe gym mirrors have undergone rigorous tests to ensure the highest level of safety possible. Custom cut size mirrors and multiple mirror panels are available to suit your space. Get our mirrors with polished or beveled edges to suit your sense of style.

Full Wall Mirrors Professionally Installed 

We service residential and commercial customers in the Washington, DC metropolitan region. Having glass experts from Dulles Glass install your mirror means that you’ll have a fast, easy, worry-free installation process. We’ll measure your space accurately, accounting for cutouts in the mirror for outlets or fixtures on your walls.

Your sales consultant will bring along a project proposal to approve. Your gym mirror will turn out exactly how you want it to! Did we mention that we offer a FREE consultation?

We install full wall mirrors for commercial gyms. Two of our noteworthy clients have been Gold’s Gym and L.A. Fitness.

Get a quote on mirror installation services in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Region.


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