Glass Shower Doors For Every Bathroom Layout

by Nancy DeZarn

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Glass shower doors and glass shower enclosures are the perfect way to upgrade dingy shower curtains and showcase the beauty of your shower tile. Updating a shower enclosure can transform the feel of a bathroom. Dulles Glass aims to provide you with beautiful shower enclosures that are easily installed. We want everyone to love their shower enclosures for years to come. To help you pick the perfect shower enclosure for your space and style, here are some key things to consider before you shop.

All Dulles Glass shower enclosures can be customized to meet any bathroom size or shape. If your bathroom is on the small side, you can maximize your space by choosing glass showers that will take up the least amount of space. Three space-saving shower enclosures include  Corner Showers, Sliding Shower Doors, and Sliding Bathtub Doors.

Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Corner Glass Showers

This shower type fits into corners and has two glass sides that meet at 90 ̊ angles with two walls.

Sliding Glass Bathtub & Shower Doors

Does your bathroom layout obstruct your shower door clearance? Sliding shower and bathtub doors can overcome this issue as they do not open at an angle.

Customizing Glass Shower Doors

At Dulles Glass we understand the value you place in customizing your shower enclosure. That’s why we provide so many styles and configuration options for our shower enclosures. Glass thickness, attachment hardware, hardware finish, handles, and glass types are all customizable options. Below are descriptions of the different glass types available from Dulles Glass:

HDglassTM - The most crystal clear, highest quality glass available.

Clear Glass - A standard high quality and budget-friendly option.

Frosted Glass - This type of glass is etched to obscure the view through the glass to provide a beautiful aesthetic and additional privacy.

Rain Glass - This glass type is translucent and patterned to look as though it is covered by raindrops.

Gray Glass - A tinted glass to provide additional privacy and a style to match your bathroom.

Bronze Glass - This glass type has an amber hue to allow light in while also providing a unique style.

Glass Shower Door Maintenance & Cleaning

If you want to maintain the look of your glass shower door and enclosure without having to put in too much effort, ClearShield is the best shower door coating. ClearShield is applied to the frameless shower glass prior to installation. The coating protects your shower from debris, such as hard water and soap scum. This means less scrubbing for you and an impeccably clean shower!

The Fastest Shower Installation | Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland

Who doesn’t like the idea of having an updated bathroom? One thing that prevents people from a bathroom remodel is the time requirement. On average, Dulles Glass will take only 7 days to measure, custom build, and install your frameless glass shower. Plus, installation and warranty are included in your shower purchase. Once you discuss the details of your frameless shower door during your in-home consultation, Dulles Glass will do the rest.

Visit A Dulles Glass Frameless Shower Showroom

Visit our showrooms to see our shower displays in person before making your purchase. Our trained staff will answer all of your questions and take you step by step through the selection and ordering process. Let us help you to achieve the shower of your dreams!

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