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by Nancy DeZarn

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Washington DC Region Office Glass Installation 

Office glass is quite appealing as it lets in natural light and can complement the open office design while allowing privacy. You can often alter the feeling of a space by changing just a few elements, and your company’s offices are no exception. Today, you’ll learn how you can transform the look of your office or business with custom glass.

Modern Office Furniture With Glass Desks & Table Top Covers

White Glass Desk Cover Pad

Do you have a unique table in your office space? Protect it with a glass tabletop cover.  You specify the dimensions, thickness, edges, and type of glass, and we cut the glass and install it on your conference table or desk. In addition, we can cut holes for things like plugs and electronic cords directly into the glass. We can customize the glass desk or tabletop by edging, tint, and shape. You can match your office glass by the color scheme: Espresso bronze, smoked gray, frosted opaque white (as shown in the photo above) or clear glass. 

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Modern Glass Cubicle Partition

Office Glass Partition & Cubicle

Although open offices are trendy these days, studies have shown that workplace productivity is reduced due to excessive office noise. You can have it both ways by installing glass wall partitions, which will maintain the open office look while reducing noise distractions in the office. Glass cubicles are made from very strong tempered glass that is very difficult to crack or break—which means that after installation you can expect them to last for many years. Add natural light through with HDglass™ cubicles. Or if your office tends to get glare from the sun, you can choose tinted glass such as our bronze or smoked gray glass walls.

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Modern Office Shelves

Wall shelving units

For storage and organization, custom order some modern office glass shelves for your office. We offer shelf kits, and custom made glass shelves cut to your specifications. Take advantage of vertical space with corners and floating glass wall shelves. You can choose any of the types of glass and edge effects mentioned above. Office shelves can be custom cut to fit your wall size. For a minimalist look, our frosted opaque glass complements all white modern office furniture such as a white reception desk. Or for an earthy look, try our bronze glass which compliments caramel and espresso colored wood.

Custom Office Glass

All of the office glass can be customized to have a similar look by tint and style. Glass cubicles can be made to match the glass shelves and glass conference table tops for a seamless modern look. Choose the following glass tints: espresso bronze, smoked gray and frosted opaque white. Or choose between two clear glass types: standard clear glass that has a somewhat greenish hue or HD glass that is ultra-clear. For added safety, we use tempered glass as it can withstand more pressure and heat than standard glass. Additionally, tempered glass is less likely to scratch than regular glass. If broken, tempered glass does not break into sharp pieces like standard glass. Thus, tempered glass will prevent your employees from receiving any glass-related injuries.

Free Consultation & Quote On Office Glass Installation

Dulles Glass provides business and residential glass installation services for customers residing in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland. We’ll provide you with a free quote. Once, our glass technician measures and discusses the office glass design with you, we’ll install your new glass. Get started remodeling your business with modern office glass installation. We offer the quickest installation turnaround time.

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