Preparing For Your Shower Showroom Visit

by Nancy DeZarn

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Visit A Shower Door Specialist At A Dulles Glass Showroom

If you’re the type of shopper who needs to see, feel, and touch something before buying it, you’re in luck. Dulles Glass has two beautiful showrooms where we can help you get the shower of your dreams, staffed with knowledgeable glass experts who will be able to show you the high-quality showers in person.  What are the top 3 things you need to do to prepare for your showroom visit?

#1 – Rough Measurements For Shower Door Construction


“The single most helpful thing you can bring to the showroom with you is rough measurements if you have them,” says Adam Kraft, glass expert and salesperson at the Manassas, VA showroom.  If you’re replacing an existing shower in your current bathroom, this is just a matter of measuring the space and shower that’s there. If you’re gutting the bathroom and building something entirely new, a good idea of the space where the shower will be installed is very handy.

These measurements can be pretty rough because we’re going to send out a guy with lasers – no, really! – to measure your space. This high-tech equipment is ultra-valuable for getting the exact measurements needed to fabricate your shower.

Not to worry if you can’t get or don’t have measurements. Maybe you’re building a new home and this is just your initial visit. You can still get a lay of the land by coming to the showroom.

#2 – Photos of Your Bathroom Space


“I really appreciate it when customers bring a photo of their space,” says Nathalia Perez, glass installation guru at Dulles Glass. “It helps us get an idea of the space and it helps us understand if what you’re asking for will work or not.” In addition, photos help make sure that we can see any visible “gotchas” before even coming out – things like the location of your toilet, vanity, and doors can sometimes get in the way of showers.

Just snap a few quick photos with your cell phone from a few different angles for perspective. (And don’t worry about cleaning up too much – we’ve pretty much seen all kinds of bathrooms, and we don’t judge!).

In fact, the worse your “before” photo is, the more we love it! Nothing makes us happier than turning your bathroom into a beautiful, spa-like experience at home.

#3 – Talk To A Shower Door Specialist

Prior to speaking with a Dulles Glass shower door specialist, there are a few other things that might make your showroom visit productive:

  • The plan from your contractor (if you have one)
  • A notebook or folder to take notes and collect materials
  • Photos of the rest of your bathroom fixtures
  • Anything else you’d like us to see, like color swatches or tile samples (optional)

These items are all “nice-to-have” but certainly not necessities.

Shower Door Construction Materials Available At A Dulles Glass Showroom

“You’ll leave the Dulles Glass showroom with a full and complete idea of everything we have to offer, plus exactly what’s right for you,” says Emre Tunc, sales manager at Dulles Glass. Some things you’ll be able to take home with you:

  • 17 Tips for Building Your Shower – a handy guide for your contractor to lay the groundwork for a perfect shower installation.
  • Catalogs and Brochures – you can keep these with your other design materials for reference
  • A Fast, Easy Quote – Most times, with your rough measurements and photos, you’ll be able to leave with a quote for your new shower door. If you love it enough, make a deposit and schedule get the ball rolling on the shower of your dreams.

Dulles Glass Shower Showroom Locations | Consult With a Shower Door Specialist

So come one down! Visit one of our two showrooms and see if you’re in our service area today.

Visit The Northern Virginia Shower Door Showroom & Speak With A  Shower Door Expert
9126 Euclid Ct.
Manassas, VA 20110
Phone: (703) 361-9994

Visit The Maryland Shower Door Showroom & Speak With A  Shower Door Expert

11300 Veirs Mill Rd.
Silver Spring, MD 20902
Phone: (301) 933-3999

Need to skip the showroom? Get a fast, easy quote online.

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