Steam Showers: What You Need to Know

by Nancy DeZarn

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A hot, steamy shower is something we can all agree feels great. But there are benefits beyond the immediate gratification that make steam showers a great investment.

Spending some time in a steamy shower can improve circulation, ease cold symptoms, and soothe away aches and pains from ailments like arthritis¹. There's also some evidence to suggest that a good steam treatment before bed is an effective sleep aid due to the relaxation it brings. According to, a nice steamy shower can actually help improve your skin.


So how can you get a steam shower in your own home? You can opt for an expensive in-shower steam generator circulation system or a gym membership to a gym where they have communal saunas or steam showers-- where you'll end up sharing the space with a bunch of other folks with the same idea. But there's another option: one that's great for your budget and easy to achieve with your shower installation.

Dulles Glass specializes in shower door systems where the shower enclosure can go all the way to the ceiling and will include a transom, which is a glass panel on hinges. This transom can be closed to keep in the steam, and when you're ready to cool off, you can open up the transom to let the steam out. This is one economical method of creating a steam shower in your home.

This enables you to put on the hot water and let some steam build up in your shower. The transom acts as a vent to let the heat out or keep the heat in. And it's really that simple! No expensive equipment to break down...just a simple solution for your budget.

During the quote process, look for a configuration that includes a transom as shown here.

During the quote process, look for a configuration that includes a transom as shown here.

Many people also like the look of the floor-to-ceiling shower. However, this look can't always be achieved with a standard door height, and the addition of the steam shower transom with hinges makes it possible. It's easy to get the shower of your dreams. Simply get a quote by using our online quote form. When you choose your shower configuration, and you want a steam shower, be sure to look for one that includes a transom. If you need help, our glass experts are always available to help.

So what are you waiting for? Start reaping the benefits of a luxurious steam shower today. We'll be happy to help!

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