You Can Get a New Shower Before the Holidays

by Nancy DeZarn

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Guests, guests, and more guests.  Now's not the time for remodeling your bathroom...or is it? You can't possibly have time to get a new shower in before the December holidays, can you?

Yes. Yes, you can get a shower in before the holidays with a little help from your friends at Dulles Glass. You see, we want you to have the bathroom of your dreams as much as you do. But how do you go about getting it in time for your guests?

Step 1: Getting Started

In Home Shower Consultation: Get a new shower

If you have an idea of which shower you want, you can schedule a free in-home consultation or submit a quote online. Both of these options are fast ways to engage with us, so we can help expedite the process of getting a new shower in your home.

One advantage you may have is that the home improvement industry can sometimes be a bit slower during the holiday season, so you have more access to the people who can make your job happen quickly.

A third option you have is to visit our brand-new showroom located in Manassas, VA. Everything in the showroom was designed to show you just how great your new shower enclosure can look, down to the last detail. Knowledgeable salespeople will help you through the entire process if you come into the showroom.

Timeframe: We can usually schedule the in-home appointments within a day or two of when you contact us.

Step 2: Proposal

Once we meet or get your quote, we'll create a detailed quote and proposal for the work. We'll need your approval on this step before we can continue, so how long this step takes is really up to you.

Timeframe: Quote within 24 hours.

Step 3: Final Measurements


It's really important to make sure we have exactly the right measurements for this step, so we'll book an appointment with you and our best measuring technicians to make sure we have all the numbers just right.

This appointment will take a half-hour at most, and is scheduled after your tile, flooring, and other bathroom remodeling elements are in place so that we can make sure the measurements match with your current bathroom.

Timeframe: Measurement appointments can usually be scheduled with a day or two of advance notice.

Step 4: Shower Fabrication

One advantage you'll have if you choose Dulles Glass for your new shower is that we fabricate your shower ourselves. We don't send it out or have it pre-made. That puts the control of your project squarely in our hands, so we can make sure it is done fast and right, with the best quality materials.

Timeframe: Between 5 and 7 business days.

Step 5: Installation Day


It only takes one day to install your shower, and all you have to do is be there to let us in! We'll gladly handle the rest with kid gloves. We come in, assemble your shower, and clean up after ourselves. No sweat and no fuss.

Timeframe: One day

Get Your New Shower Enclosure Today!

So you see, you can get your shower installed before Aunt Bertha arrives for an extended stay for the holidays!

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