Civil / Structural Engineer

Study and analyze the structural integrity of steel, aluminum and glass structures, glass system hardware materials, and other structural components, etc. to be used in the fabrication and manufacture of glasses for commercial construction projects.

Take the environmental factors such as live loads (e.g. Wind load, snow load, rain load, earthquake, etc.), resistance factor (structural failure), and other structural engineering factors in the fabrication of the appropriate size, thickness, material strength, etc. of glasses that are within the specified allowable stresses to meet the safety standard as required. Perform wind load and structural analysis for glass store-front design and implement software algorithm to utilize these analyses.

Perform structural analysis for building energy efficiency and implement software algorithm which utilize these factors and recommend glass type for building store-front structure. Design and develop software algorithm to calculate glass panel measurements utilizing Euclidean, Projective Descriptive Geometry, Vector analysis and Matrix Calculus to resolve glass fabrication related issues in measuring frameless showers, glass stairs, and storefront.

Apply numerical analysis to resolve issues introduced by intrusions and abnormal optical measurements vectors.

Determine the appropriate use and selection of materials for specified configurations.

Develop fabrication and installation techniques based on engineering principles and design.

Develop building technical drawing details and specifications utilizing expertise in software programming language, mathematical algorithm, and glass hardware knowledge to export measurement system output measuring shower or structural opening to CNC machine-readable file.

Conduct on-site observations of work in progress and preparing site visit reports using various reporting formats.

Manage all aspects of client services including listening to client needs, communicating progress, technical discussion of findings, recommendations, and project close-out.

Perform project-related administrative requirements including client communication. Perform other related duties.


  1. Bachelor’s or foreign equivalent in Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, or related field. 24 months experience in engineering project management related jobs required.
  2. Must have experience of structural/civil engineering in conjunction with software development and architectural design.
  3. Knowledge of operational programming and maintenance procedures for glass fabrication machines.

FT. Send resumes to jobsite: Global Exchange Connection LLC t/a Dulles Glass and Mirror, 7610 Doane Drive, Manassas, VA 20109. ATTN: Ref#8

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