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How much will your frameless shower door cost? That can vary greatly on a number of factors. We'll go through these factors in this post. We hope this will help you compare quotes for the cost of your new frameless shower door.

Shower Panels

Glass Shower Door Prices

Sometimes, a customer will come to us and say that they got a quote from another company and our price is higher. They want to know if we’ll come down on the price of their shower door. The first thing we will do is sit down with the customer and their quote and compare “apples to apples” as they say. What we find is that the competitor quote is sometimes for an inferior product. Here is what to look for when comparing shower door quotes side by side.

Cost of Shower Door Glass Panels

The first thing we look at is the cost of the shower door glass. Dulles Glass sources the glass and fabricates it in-house, meaning we custom-cut your glass panels right here at our headquarters. That’s an advantage right off the bat. Because we take so much pride in the quality of our work, we make sure the glass is cut exactly to your spec. And, on the off chance that something does go wrong, we can rectify it much faster than a place who doesn’t fabricate the glass on-site.

Larger-sized Shower Enclosures

The size of your shower enclosure factors into the cost of your new frameless shower door. A larger shower, like a five-panel Neo Angle shower door will cost more for the glass panels as well as for the treatments and upgrades (because there is more glass to cover).

Your Frameless Shower Door Price

Overall, the cost of your shower is made up of several factors. Glass thickness, type, treatments, and hardware all make up the price. We think, when comparing those items side-by-side, you’ll see that our high-quality, luxurious shower enclosures are fairly priced for your bathroom remodeling budget. Please consult with a glass expert to get a price for your shower door! Or, get a quick price with our online quote tool.

Glass Thicknesses

Next, you have to pay attention to the thickness of the glass. Many Big Box retailers and glass shops will price a shower with 1/4” glass. Many of our showers are made with 3/8” glass, with the option to upgrade to luxurious 1/2” glass for a minimal fee. Stop by our showroom and see the difference in this thickness of glass. It makes a difference to the feel and stability of your shower.

Glass Types

Different glass types may have a different cost. For example, there is standard, clear glass which is what most showers are made of. At Dulles Glass, you can upgrade to HDglass™, which is an ultra-clear, low-iron glass. You may also choose a specialty glass like frosted glass, rain glass, and gray and bronze glass. Any of these specialty options will add a modest cost to the price of your shower door.

Glass Types

Shower Door Treatments

If keeping your shower clean is something you’re concerned about, a good option is ClearShield shower protector. This treatment bonds with the glass and repels water and soap scum, making cleaning a breeze. ClearShield is typically $99/sq. Ft., making it an affordable upgrade for your shower enclosure.

Cost of Your Shower Hardware

The last factor in the price of your shower door is the hardware. Some companies use cheap, poorly-made hardware can eventually buckle. We use only quality stainless steel hardware in three finishes that will match your decor.

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