Foyer Mirrors

Foyer Mirrors

Get the Right Mirror for Your Foyer

Why settle for a standard size, “plain vanilla" foyer mirror when Dulles Glass can help you customize the perfect one for your space?

  • With our glass experts, you WILL get the right mirror
  • Best installation turnaround time in the business
  • Full-time professional installers on-staff
  • Lead and copper free for superior clarity.

Quotes are free – just send us your measurements for a fast and easy quote!

Custom Foyer Mirrors

Entryways can be dark and narrow. A mirror is a great way to add light and the illusion of more space to your foyer. Don't be limited by the sizes of off-the-shelf mirrors! You can get the perfect size and cut, quickly and affordably, from Dulles Glass.

Why Choose a Dulles Glass Foyer Mirror?

Creating a custom foyer mirror puts all the design choices with you. There are many options to choose from, and our experts can help you create a mirror that is just to your taste. Our customization options include:

  1. Size: Up to a maximum of 48" x 72" (for larger sizes, please call for a quote)
  2. Shape: Don't forget attractive oval and round!
  3. Mirror color: clear, gray, or bronze
  4. Edge finishes: beveled, seamed or flat-polished
  5. Installation Essentials: mirror clips, j-bars, etc.
  6. Cut-outs: Outlets, vents, etc.

But don't worry...customizing your foyer mirror is easy with the experts at Dulles Glass. Just submit a quote with the information you do know about your mirror project, and someone will contact you with a preliminary quote for free, in 24 hours. We'll help you get it just right!


Foyer Mirror Design Tips

Foyer mirrors from Dulles Glass are suitable no matter what type of space you have. Some homes have two-story entryways, or longer, narrower entries. No matter what your space, we can help you get the perfect look.

Get It Fast

Dulles Glass has the fastest turnaround time in the business. This means that you can normally have your mirrors installed in 7 business days from the time of your approved plans.

Expert Installation Services

Dulles Glass has full-time, professional installers on staff, so you know that your installation will be completed on-time and budget, and with the highest quality.


We offer a comprehensive 2-year warranty on our installed mirror products.


Dulles Glass foyer mirrors are made of 1/4" thick glass and all have a safety backing that helps prevent messy and dangerous accidents. Our mirror installation specialists can affix the mirror directly to the wall using a mirror mastic, or glue, for maximum safety. We'll cap this off with J-bars or L-bars, which are used to support the mirror at the top or bottom, along with your choice of decorative clips, standoffs, or rosettes if you prefer.

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