Gym Mirrors

Gym Mirrors

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Dulles Glass is the best in the business for safe, high-performance fitness mirrors.

  • Unsurpassed expertise: you WILL get the right gym mirror
  • Best installation turnaround time in the business
  • Full-time professional installers on-staff
  • Lead and copper free for superior clarity

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Quality Gym Mirrors from Dulles Glass

The type of mirror you choose for your fitness business or home gym is just as important to your health routine as the type of workout gear you choose. Clear mirrors without distortions help you check your posture or positioning during yoga, workouts, or weightlifting. You can choose between high-quality standard gym mirrors or the safest gym mirror on the market - MiraSafeTM gym mirrors.

Introducing MiraSafe™ Safety Mirrors Only From Dulles Glass

New ultra-clear MiraSafe™ Safety Mirrors are designed for active environments:

  • Safe - stays together on impact
  • Ultra-clear - low-iron content means no distortion or greenish tint
  • Fuss-free, white glove installation by the experts at Dulles Glass!

Wherever safety is important, choose a MiraSafe Gym Mirror! Learn more about MiraSafe Mirrors.



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MiraSafe Mirrors: High Performance with a Focus on Safety

MiraSafe Mirrors were designed by Dulles Glass experts to enhance the safety of mirrors in active spaces. Our proprietary layering processes result in a strong, stable product. MiraSafe has the excellent reflective properties of true low-iron glass mirrors, with the safety glass feature of retaining shards, if broken, in the same manner as automobile safety glass. Protect your active spaces from the risk of injury from broken glass shards. Ask for MiraSafe.

MiraSafe™ Gym Mirrors vs. Standard Gym Mirrors
 MiraSafe™ Safety MirrorsStandard Gym Mirrors
SafetyImpact-resistant and shatterproofBreakable - requires safety backing
ClarityUltra clear mirrorClear glass mirror
Available Sizes48" x 72", 36" x 72", 36" x 60"Custom
Thickness1/4"1/8", 3/16" and 1/4"
CompositionLead-free, Low-iron glassCopper-free glass
Maximum Sheet SizeStock sizes78" x 144"
Edge FinishesFlat PolishSeamed, Pencil, Flat or Beveled Polish
Performance7 ANSI standardsN/A
Price$$$$$ - $$$

Where Can I Use Gym Mirrors?

Anywhere fitness is the main activity of a space, wall mirrors are going to enhance the experience. Here are some examples:

  • Home gyms
  • Commercial gyms and fitness studios
  • Yoga studios
  • Dance studios
  • Ballet studios
  • Martial arts studios
  • Spas

In each of these spaces, you or your customers will benefit from the custom fabrication and installation of your mirrors.

More About Wall-to-Wall Mirrors

If you operate your business in our service area, we are happy to assist you with installing a wall-to-wall mirror. We do two types of installations for this type of mirror:

  1. Wall-to-Wall – Where the edge of the mirrors fits one entire wall, edge to edge. Keep in mind that due to the labor-intensive installation, a true wall-to-wall installation will be more expensive.
  2. Short-of-Wall – Where the mirrors cover almost the entire wall, but stops about an inch from each edge.

In either case, we are happy to provide you with a quote, but a Dulles Glass installation expert will need to come out and double-check all the measurements before we fabricate the glass for you. In this way, you can rest easy that your mirror will be perfect for your space.

Wall to Wall Mirrors


Standard Dulles Glass gym mirrors are made of 1/4" thick glass. For just $1.00 per sq. ft. you can upgrade your mirror with safety backing that helps prevent messy and dangerous accidents. Our mirror installation specialists will affix the mirror directly to the wall using a mirror mastic, or glue, for maximum safety. We'll cap this off with J-bars or L-bars, which are used to support the mirror at the top or bottom, along with your choice of decorative clips, standoffs, or rosettes if you prefer.

MiraSafe safety mirrors don't require safety backing because of their unique construction properties. They're installed the same way as standard mirrors. Please ask for MiraSafe safety mirrors if you want the safest mirror on the market today!

Wall Openings

Don't worry if your room has lots of places where you will need openings cut in the glass. Every gym, studio, or workout room needs cutouts for things like outlets, vents, wires, TV mounts and more. Dulles Glass installation experts will be able to customize your mirror to fit your space exactly.

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