Systems Engineer

Systems/Electronic Engineer:

Responsible for manufacturing process engineering of the factory. Lead the development and organization of production operations by developing a successful workflow, adapt to changing conditions and develop or find new equipment, software, hardware, procedures and policies to increase efficiency in all fabrication operations. Responsible of the maintenance department and all of its scheduling, training and planning which supports the factory. Perform other related duties. Responsible for production planning and production process relative to glass fabrication machines and equipment. Perform analysis and upgrade of electronic equipment. Optimize production flow and line efficiency by improving tools, machine parts, and work methods. Apply knowledge of electrical, mechanical, parts, and work methods. Apply knowledge of electrical, mechanical, software engineering to manufacturing process and production process.


  1. Bachelor’s or foreign equivalent in Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering or related field. 24 months of experience in electronic engineering, manufacturing process engineering or related jobs required.
  2. Full understanding of glass factory processes, equipment and workflow. Knowledge of glass fabrication and processes, electrical, electronic, software and information technology relating to electronic equipment.
  3. Knowledge of operational programming and maintenance procedures for glass fabrication machines.

FT. Jobsite: Manassas, VA. Send Resumes to Global Exchange Connection LLC, 7610 Doane Drive Manassas, VA 20109. ATTN: Ref#01

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