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About Our Fabulous Custom Gym Mirrors

Our activity mirrors are made of high-quality materials, ensuring clarity and distortion-free reflection. They are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in any workout environment. Our mirrors provide a safe and effective solution for monitoring your form and technique during workouts. They can be customized to fit the specific needs of gyms, dance studios, fitness facilities, or home workout areas.

Why Choose Our Custom Gym Mirrors?


Safety and Clarity

Our mirrors aren't just reflective surfaces – they're designed to prioritize safety and provide crystal-clear clarity. No matter how intense your workouts get, our shatter-resistant mirrors will stand strong.


Tailored for Dynamic Spaces

Exercise-induced vibrations and echoes are no match for our custom mirrors. We understand the demands of dynamic environments, and our mirrors are engineered to excel amidst these challenges.


Unleash Your Potential

Elevate your fitness journey by creating a space that inspires you. Our mirrors can be customized to fit any size or shape, allowing you to design a workout haven that's as unique as your goals.


Effortless Installation

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or prefer professional help, our mirrors are designed for easy installation. Create your fitness oasis without the hassle.

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Safety Backing for Gym Mirrors

We offer Safety Backing for all our Custom Gym Mirrors. Safety Backing is a crucial feature to enhance safety and prevent serious injuries in gym environments. It consists of a thin, clear adhesive film that is applied to the back of the mirror. In the unlikely event of the mirror breaking, this film acts as a protective barrier, holding the shattered pieces in place and minimizing the risk of injury from falling glass. During the customization process, you have the option to select Safety Backing for your custom gym mirror.
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Hardware Add-Ons for Gym Mirror Installation

Enhance your gym mirror installation with our versatile hardware add-ons, designed to elevate both functionality and aesthetics. Choose from a range of options such as mirror mastic, J-bars, L-bars, decorative clips, and more to tailor your setup to perfection. Our hardware add-ons ensure secure attachment and a polished finish, enabling you to create a gym environment that's not only safe but also stylish. Whether you're aiming for a commercial gym vibe or a personalized workout space, our hardware add-ons provide the finishing touch to your mirror installation, guaranteeing a seamless experience that meets your unique preferences.

How It Works

It's quite simple. Select the custom mirror option, enter your mirror dimensions, and customize your design by choosing your preferred mirror tint, edge style, and safety backing. Once you're satisfied, proceed to check out your custom mirror. Our team is available via live chat to provide support and answer any questions you may have.


Purchase Your Gym Mirror Online

Measure your wall space and customize your workout mirror on our customization page. Get an instant quote right on the spot and proceed to checkout.


Schedule a Virtual Consultation

Virtually meet with our gym mirror design experts. They can assist you in selecting the right type of mirror, discussing cutout options for outlets, and matching the appropriate hardware accessories to complement your room's interior.


Visit a Showroom

Visit one of our four showrooms to experience our custom and MiraSafe gym mirrors firsthand. Our experts are excited to meet you and assist you in person!


Gym Mirror Measurements

We provide measurement guides for all our DIY gym mirrors. For installation, our technicians will take the final measurements of your activity space.


Technical Design Support & Order Approval

Dulles Glass will contact you within one business day to discuss all the technical details of your design. This process applies to DIY purchases as well as gym mirror installations. Whether you have checked out your gym mirror online or requested an installation quote, you will receive an email from our design department with a drawing of your gym mirror to finalize your order.


Custom Fabrication and Quality Control

Our workout mirrors are fabricated in our state-of-the-art plant in Manassas, VA. We guarantee premium quality at all times, ensuring 100% satisfaction.


Curbside, Contactless Delivery

Your gym mirror and hardware will be safely packed and delivered curbside by a carrier. Rest assured that all prices include FREE shipping, providing you with added value.


Custom Gym Mirror FAQs

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