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A Bathroom Remodel Begins With A Bathtub Door

A Bathroom Remodel Begins With A Bathtub Door

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Wed Jun 07 2023


Time to Remodel Your Bathroom? Order a Bathtub Door Online

It's time! Time for you to replace your shower curtain, that is. After years of accumulating dirt, mold, and bacteria you've decided to get rid of your current shower curtain and put a new one up yourself. But there's another option many people don't know about: installing a bathtub screen. It's so easy! You can customize your tub and shower door online and have the bathtub door delivered to your home in 5-7 days. 

Why should you choose a bathtub screen (also called "bathtub doors") over a simple shower curtain? They're easy to install on your own; they give your bathroom a more high-end look for just a small investment; they form a barrier between your bathtub/shower and the rest of your bathroom; and they can be easily customized exactly how you want them.

Order your bathtub door online and get free shipping

In addition, they're seamless, which means they provide few places for dirt, mold and bacteria to accumulate. Finally, a well-done bathroom remodel will only improve your home's value. If you are looking for a bathtub door to remodel a small bathroom, visit Dulles Glass & Mirror where you can browse various sizes and bathtub screens that are suitable for small spaces. Freshly painted walls and a gorgeous bath/shower area are easy to do without breaking your budget, so installing a bathtub screen is a win-win!


Finding the Right Bathroom Screen for Your Renovation



You can start your hunt for the perfect bathroom screen by browsing our huge selection of in-stock bathtub screens. Or, if you need a custom bathtub screen, start with our handy online wizard. How does this work? First, start by choosing whether you want your new bathtub screen to have rounded or squared corners. Then enter the measurements. The most common width for a bathtub screen is 30" but yours could vary. Be sure to measure the height you'll need too. The most common measurement is 60", and we don't offer any screens more than 70" tall...but generally no one needs a bathtub screen that is taller than 70".When measuring, make sure to measure above your showerhead faucet so that the screen is taller than the faucet.

We have many styles handles available: knob handles, tubular handles, and single or double towel bars. Each of these handles are available in multiple finishes as well, including chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze.

Bathtub Door Customization

There are more ways to customize your bathtub door. We offer clear, low-iron, frosted, bronze, and gray glass. While clear glass is the most common and has a slight green tint, low-iron glass is clearer, with less greenish tint. Frosted glass is slightly opaque and can be applied in stripes or as an entire sheet. Bronze and gray glass both add a colored tint. 

Finally, you'll want to choose which side of the shower you'll install the bathtub screen on. Make sure you choose the side of the bathtub that has the showerhead.


Bathtub Door Maintenance & Cleaning

Choose ClearShield glass protector for your new bathtub screen. ClearShield is a special polymer coating that reduces hard-water stains and dirt and makes your new bathtub doors easier to clean. As you can see, you get to choose every feature of your new bathtub door.

Protect your Shower Door Glass with ClearShield

You've placed your order, it's arrived in one piece at your doorstep, and you've unpacked everything. We haven't done all the heavy lifting for you, but we did make a handy video to walk you through installation:


Good luck and enjoy your new bathtub screen!

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