Bathroom Remodels and Makeovers

by Nancy DeZarn

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Bathroom Remodels and Makeovers - Your Guide to Bathroom Colors, Shower Doors, and Organization

Need inspiration for your bathroom remodel and makeover? Since we are talking about rejuvenation, it’s time to pique your senses with home restoration - A bathroom remodel and makeover. Adding home decor & design features to your home doesn’t have to be energy-sapping. In fact, a few home decor and design changes can restore your home in as little as a few days.

The Pantone Color Institute recently announced the color of the year for 2017. What could that color possibly be? It’s Greenery, a green that is lighter than emerald green but darker than neon green.  According to color psychology, green has a balancing effect that promotes rejuvenation, restoration, and renewal. What better way to start the beginning of 2017 than to be rejuvenated?

bathroom remodel and makeover

This first bathroom photo is a perfect example of utilizing Pantone’s color of the year greenery in bathroom design. Greenery accentuates the modern bathroom design with gray tiles and white bathroom fixtures. The shower door is a Metro sliding shower door that can be purchased and installed by Dulles Glass.

The second image of the bathroom is a traditional take on greenery with a custom size bathroom vanity mirror and custom corner shower installed by Dulles Glass. This greenery color is paired with soft beige tile and chestnut-colored wood cabinets.

Bathroom Colors | The Psychology of Color for Bathroom Remodels & Makeovers

Colors can affect mood. The bathroom should be a place of rest and relaxation so go for colors that will enhance that effect. To add to greenery, choose a paint palette that complements its restorative properties. When choosing a color palette, consider how compatible that color is with your emotional state.

If you are a very energetic person, you may want to shy away from yellow as it can make you even more energetic. If you have high blood pressure, stay away from red as it has been known to increase blood pressure. Instead of red, choose the color blue or green for their calming effect. Want to relieve tension? Opt for purple.

Bathroom Remodels and Makeovers | The Art of Color Psychology

color palette ideas for home 

Whereas green is restorative, the other colors in the palette affect emotions differently. Keep in mind earth tones and blues go with many design features whereas bold colors are best used as accent colors such as trim, towels and perhaps an accent wall. 

Brown: Wholesome, natural and organic. If your bathroom is eco-friendly, add brown to promote an earthy look.

Yellow: Energetic & Creative. If you are not a morning person, yellow may be a great addition to your morning shower routine.

Blue: Tranquility & Balance. If you take showers at night, go for blue as it promotes rest and relaxation.   


Combatting Mold in Your Bathroom

Since we have been talking about adding Pantone’s Color of The Year “Greenery” to your color palette, there is one green color you will want to avoid- MOLD! Unfortunately, framed shower doors tend to collect water and moisture leading to the growth of mold over time. A way to combat mold is to upgrade to a frameless glass shower door. Why? For one, since the shower door is frameless, there is no room to collect moisture-causing mold. Second, frameless shower doors are easier to clean. Therefore, you spend less time cleaning and more time focusing on important things like committing to your New Year’s resolution.

Visit the Dulles Glass showroom and view areas of service.

Our shower door experts can assist you in your bathroom project with measurements, installation and project plan. If you need more visuals or help to discuss your shower door construction or remodeling plan, read this shower door buying and construction guide to help you be prepared for your shower door showroom visit.

glass shower shelves for bathroom remodels and makeovers

Bathroom and Glass Shower Shelves for Bathroom Remodel and Makeover

Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary with a bathroom remodel and makeover. Another way to convert your bathroom into a sanctuary is by installing glass shower shelving. Glass shower shelving is more attractive and easier to clean than standard shower shelves that are typically made of plastic. Other places for bathroom organization and storage include corners and vanities. Remove clutter from your countertops with an under the sink mirror vanity shelf or a corner shelf. Dulles Glass offers tempered glass shelving for corner shelving units, rectangle alcoves as well as corner shower shelving units in square and round corner configurations. 

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