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Corner Shelves & Mirrors for Corner Sinks

Corner Shelves & Mirrors for Corner Sinks

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Fri May 19 2023

two images, 1st being Rectangle Mirror in bathroom with purple walls and beige granite, 2nd image being glass shelves installed into a corner with bath products loving laid on top of them

Enhancing Your Corner Sink With Corner Shelves And Mirrors

You may have heard that older homes have more character. With character comes quirks and sometimes functional obsolescence, which is when your home contains outdated design features, like corner sinks. While corner sinks were meant to save space in narrow rooms, it can be a challenge to add storage space or mirrors to a corner to make your home suitable for modern living

Let's go over your options and design features to modernize and enhance your corner sink.

Corner Shelves For Your Bathroom Sink

If you have a standalone or pedestal sink, tempered glass corner shelves can add the extra storage needed for toiletries. You can choose a quarter corner shelf that has rounded edges, a triangle corner shelf with a flat edge, or a pentagon-shaped corner shelf that has angled corners. These corner shelves can be stacked over the sink or combined with tempered glass rectangle shelves. 

Complement your corner glass vessel sink with matching corner glass shelves or rectangle glass shelves. The all-glass bathroom will create a modern look. Plus, glass is easier to clean and won't rust like typical sinks and countertops.

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Corner Shelves For Your Kitchen Sink

If cabinets won't suffice, corner glass shelves are a great alternative to adding extra space. You can get creative with the design layout by vertically aligning corner shelves or even staggering rectangular shelves. Plus, you can light up your corner shelves with LEDs.



Corner Bathroom Mirrors for Your Corner Sink


To offset the small corner space and to add depth, consider installing a long rectangular wall-sized mirror. At Dulles Glass, you can choose the height and width of your mirror among other mirror customizations such as tint and shape. Dulles Glass offers the following mirror shapes: round, rectangle, square, and oval. Custom mirror edges include: beveled, flat, or seamed. If you want a vintage look, choose a beveled edge for your mirror. Or if you prefer a modern look, choose flat polish or seamed mirror edging. 

To counteract the small enclosed vanity space, consider adding two wall-sized mirrors on each wall where your sink resides. If the corner rests on a flat surface like the photo, you can position two mirrors on either side of the center mirror, to get a clear view from every angle. The mirrors will reflect light to an otherwise dark corner space and enhance the look of your sink. Not only do you get to determine the dimensions and edges of your mirror, but you can also choose a mirror tint. If your bathroom gets a lot of natural sunlight, opt for bronze or gray-tinted mirrors. Lastly, you can even install glass shelves on and around your mirrors for a unique design. 

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