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Wed Jun 07 2023

Three images of showers flush with steam in beige bathrooms

Frameless Steam Showers

Steamy showers are beneficial for many reasons. The steam reduces congestion, opens airways, and relaxes tired aching muscles. It’s easy to convert your bathroom into a sauna with frameless steam shower enclosures. While many people may assume steam uses more water, the contrary is true. Steam uses less water, which is better for the environment and your wallet.

The first step in making your shower more steamy is to install a shower wall steamer. There are plenty of portable lightweight shower steamers on the market. Want to combine aromatherapy with steam? This shower wall steamer allows both and it easily affixes to your shower wall.


Here are a few essential oils and their remedies for your shower wall steamer.

  • Bergamot helps reduce anxiety.
  • Cedarwood alleviates coughs and oily skin
  • Chamomile for its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Cypress relieves muscle aches and menstrual cramps

Shower Accessories

Make your shower more relaxing with a matching bench and teak mat. The mat will prevent you from slipping, while the bench will provide rest and relaxation. Just don’t fall asleep in there! To further accessorize your shower, trade in the plastic shower caddy for a more elegant-looking shower shelf, such as a tempered glass shower shelf. Place one shelf on each corner of your shower or stack a few shelves in one corner.

Floor-to-ceiling glass Panels For A Frameless Steam Shower

Now that you have shower accessories and a steamer, you will want to contain the steam in the shower. Glass panels that extend all the way from the floor to the ceiling will help contain the steam in the shower and provide the elegant look of a frameless shower. There are many glass panels and shower enclosure styles to fit any type of bathroom layout and the glass can be custom cut to fit your particular shower. If you are concerned about a sloped ceiling or curbless shower preventing you from having a frameless steam shower, you can schedule a free consultation with a Dulles Glass shower door expert. They can help overcome any design challenges.

During your consultation, a Dulles Glass expert can take measurements of your bathroom to ensure a beautiful and functional frameless steam shower is designed to meet your specifications. They will also go over bathroom remodeling recommendations so that your bathroom is properly ventilated and designed to meet the requirements of a frameless steam shower.


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Frameless Shower Steam Ventilation With Transom


After you are done with your steam shower, you will want to make sure that your bathroom doesn’t become a mold oasis. You can enjoy a steam shower while keeping your bathroom ventilated by using transoms, and horizontal windows, that are positioned directly above the shower door entrance. Once you finish your steam shower, simply open the transom to emit the steam outward. We recommend installing an exhaust fan directly in front of the transom to direct the airflow out of your shower.

Dulles Glass Frameless Steam Shower Installation

Installing glass panels over an existing shower base usually takes 7 business days on average. Dulles Glass has the fastest installation turnaround and we do our best to accommodate our customer’s schedules. We provide frameless shower installation in Washington DC, Maryland & Northern Virginia. Enter your zip code here to check our shower door installation service locations. Dulles Glass frameless shower purchases include delivery, installation, and a three-year warranty. Within a week, you can enjoy a frameless steam shower!

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