Frosted Glass Showers: What You’ve Been Missing

by Nancy DeZarn

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Looking for a shower enclosure that provides both privacy and elegance? A frosted glass shower could be the perfect fit for your bathroom remodel! This versatile design option can provide you with privacy, while still letting the light in your shower -- creating a beautiful and functional space.

What is Frosted Glass?

Frosted glass is an opaque glass type that blurs out shapes providing an aesthetically pleasing look while providing privacy. The outside of the glass is etched with acid which gives texture on one side. The inside remains smooth for easy cleaning. At Dulles Glass, we etch the glass ourselves, so you can feel confident in the craftsmanship of your new shower.

We offer two options for your frosted glass shower: a fully-frosted option, and a patterned option, with more planned in the future.

Fully-Frosted Shower Enclosures

With the fully frosted shower option, the entire outside surface of the glass will be acid etched, giving your shower a uniform look. This maximizes your privacy from every angle in your bathroom -- a style that is both functional and beautiful.

Patterned Frosted Shower Enclosures

If you prefer a more stylized look to your shower enclosure you can choose from several pre-designed pattern options or your own custom design. Currently, we offer only horizontal stripes that can be configured in a variety of patterns. This combination of clear and frosted glass gives your shower design a more personal touch. And, a frosted glass shower is sure to impress anyone who sees it!

When you get a quote online, you can choose from all the different glass options for your shower so you can get a shower that is uniquely you!

More About Glass Types

Frosted glass isn't your only option for glass in your shower. You can choose tinted glass or rain glass if that suits your taste more than the frosted glass options. There's also HDGlass™ if you want an ultra-clear option. And don't forget - many of our glass types can be treated with ClearShield® Glass Protector.


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