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Stay in Shape with a Gym Mirror for Your Home

Stay in Shape with a Gym Mirror for Your Home

Dulles Glass


Wed Jun 07 2023

Two gym rooms with exercise equipment and mirrors for fitness enthusiasts.

If you aren't sure that paying for a gym membership is the best route, turn your home or garage into a gym with home gym mirrors and garage gym mirrors. It turns out that with a little space and some well-placed mirrors and exercise equipment, you can turn a basement, or even part of a room into your private oasis of self-improvement. Exercise has a lot of benefits, not the least of which is improving circulation, burning off fat, improving your heart health, keeping bone and muscle mass up, and even keeping your brain in top shape. In addition, the old "runner's high" is a great feeling to begin any day or end any day with.

Where To Place Your Gym Wall Mirror

Finding the perfect spot for your gym wall mirror is easy. You need to plan for adequate space for your exercise routine. First, decide on what part of your house is most appropriate for your home gym..Many people choose the basement or an area of your garage. Basements are great for home gyms, especially in the summer, as they tend to stay cooler than garages. If you live in a duplex, apartment, or condominium you may wish to divide up a large space like your living or your master bedroom using dividers. If you have a spare room, great, but if not you can simply make a space within a space. 

Second, decide how much of the area you can allocate to exercise equipment, a bench you use for lifting weights, and perhaps a treadmill or a rowing machine. Or think outside the box: yoga mats, candles, and a balance ball for a home yoga studio; or add in a barre for a home dance studio. Third, measure the space you'll be putting your mirrors up in.

Home Gym Mirrors and wall Mirrors For Workout Rooms


We recommend MiraSafe Gym Mirrors because of their low-iron content, which does not warp or distort your image That means that while you're working out you can be assured that your form in the mirror is exactly as it appears. We also recommend frameless mirrors that are fixed directly to your walls for the same reason. Creating your home gym in a room with natural lighting is ideal.

Buy a Home Gym Mirror Online

We have a variety of gym mirror kits as well. We can offer you 48 x 72 inch, 36 x 72 inch, and 36 x 60 inch mirrors. In addition, you can purchase kits containing multiple mirrors. For workouts such as yoga poses or stretches, multiple mirrors placed in front, behind, and to the sides will ensure you are positioned correctly at every angle. Visit our online store here to get started.

Where To Buy Ceiling Mirrors For Your Home Gym

If you want to take your workout routine to the next level, acrylic mirrors are as easy to install as ceiling mirrors. Acrylic ceiling mirrors are lightweight and shatterproof. Get started by customizing the size of your acrylic mirror to fit your ceiling. Acrylic mirrors come in two shapes: square and rectangle. Due to the lightweight nature of acrylic ceiling mirrors, they are easy to install. Use acrylic ceiling mirrors for your spa, yoga studio, fashion studio, garage gym, or anywhere else in your home.

With so many choices, you can find the right workout mirror for your home gym!

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