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Introducing the Metro Sliding Shower Door for Your Bathtub

Introducing the Metro Sliding Shower Door for Your Bathtub

Dulles Glass


Wed Jun 07 2023

A compilation of diverse bathroom designs and fixtures, highlighted by a metro sliding bathtub door adorned with oil bronzed and brushed nickel hardware.

Say you’re in the shower one morning, and as usual, the wet and possibly slimy shower curtain liner is busily wrapping itself around your legs while you try to hurry through your morning routine. And that makes you think, it’s time to take this whole thing apart and wash the liner AND the shower curtain and then I’m going to have to put it all back together before anyone else wants to take a shower. Wow. Isn’t that the opposite of relaxing?

Or imagine you’re stepping into your classy “vintage” framed shower door (you know, the one that came with the house that you vowed was not going to stay for long) and the door clatters open with a shriek, revealing dried, crusty, moldy-looking crud in the tracks.  And when you close the door, (there’s that shriek again), it doesn’t even close the whole way anymore because of something in the tracks – and you don’t even want to know what it is. And forget about cleaning the glass…it’s got this hazy look that never goes away.  Your bathroom shouldn’t stress you out and it shouldn’t cost you a fortune to create a luxurious place that you want to relax in, day after day.

The Look of Luxury: Metro Sliding Shower Door

If either of these scenarios sounds familiar to you, don’t despair. There is an easy, cost-effective way to transform your bathroom from blah to luxury. The Metro sliding bathtub door is sleek and beautiful. Here are a few of the features you can expect from this premium shower door:

  • High-quality Glass: The Metro is constructed from durable, 3/8″ glass which has a premium, quality feel to it. You can also choose to upgrade to our premium HD Glass™, which is an ultra-clear, superior-quality glass. HD Glass has a low-iron content, so you won’t get any greenish tint with the glass, and it’s the best quality glass you can buy.
  • NO TRACKS: This shower is simply made, and there are no tracks to accumulate grit, dirt, grime, and scum. This sliding shower door glides noiselessly and smoothly on a solidly constructed thin metal rod with guide wheels.
  • Attractive Finishes: Available in your choice of three finishes to match your decor – chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze.

What Makes It Work:

sliding shower door glider system in bronze color finish on glass shower door

Close-up of the Metro shower roller system.

The keystone of the Metro shower system is the proprietary glider hardware.  Created with precision machinery, the glider rolls on two wheels and is so smooth, you can hardly even tell they are there. I recently visted the Manassas, VA, showroom to see a Metro in action, and it was actually a pleasure to slide this door open and closed – that’s how luxurious it feels.

Another thing that sets a Dulles Glass shower apart from others is that the Metro glider is held in place by precision-machined holes drilled in the glass – which is a lot sturdier than flimsy hardware held in place with glue that can fail.

Great! But How Do I Clean It?

Easy, you just have to see it to believe it (hint: watch the video here).  The best part is, with the Metro, you don’t have to worry about moldy cracks and crevices…it’s two large solid pieces gliding on the rail, and not in a track.  With ClearShield, you just squeegee your shower after use and clean it with ClearShield Aftercare glass cleaner products every two to three weeks (who cleans their shower more than that anyway?!) The difference is, that ClearShield keeps your shower cleaner, longer — so each time you clean it isn’t a big undertaking.

Customize It

We don’t pretend to know exactly what your style is – we just want to make sure we can help you achieve it.  With the different hardware finishes, you can also get different glass types and shades – such as bronze or frosted glass, or even rain glass for some added privacy.  This sliding bathtub door can also accommodate a variety of spaces, such as if you have a bathtub that is open on two sides, where you would require an additional panel of glass.

sliding shower door in natural color themed bathroom with bronze hardware finishes

Also Starring in Luxurious Showers Everywhere

The Metro isn’t just suited for bathtubs. You can get the Metro sliding shower door system for your full-sized shower as well, in a variety of configurations to fit your space. With the same great features and customization options, you’ll find the Metro is a great replacement for an old, dingy shower door that doesn’t suit you.

Shown at the left, you can see that this Metro shower features oil-rubbed bronze hardware, which creates a dramatic look. One really great feature of this shower over the standard shower curtain assembly is the fact that a frameless glass shower serves two valuable functions in a smaller bathroom: it shows off the tile in your shower space, and it makes a smaller bathroom look larger! Plus, no more dark showers…the frameless glass lets in lots of light.

Get It Today

We hear you – you were ready to get this shower door in your house yesterday. We can help. Well, we’re not time travelers, but we can certainly get your bathroom the boost it needs within just a few weeks. Get started today by getting a quote on your shower door, or by coming to one of our showrooms in Manassas, VA , or Silver Spring, MD.

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