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Mirrored Nightstand: DIY Roundup

Mirrored Nightstand: DIY Roundup

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Sat May 20 2023

Crafters, woodworkers, restoration gurus: we challenge you. The mirrored nightstand is a hot item right now, but it's not priced for those of us with a modest budget. Take for example the one shown above. This little dresser from Pottery Barn is going to cost you close to a cool grand just to get in the game. Can you get in the game for less?

If you have moderate to advanced DIY skills (and help from some mirror experts), we're sure you can create your own masterpiece. There are a lot of folks who already have, but the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. And of course, we've got you covered with custom-cut mirrors for any project, including this one.

Mirrored Nightstand: The Steen Style Way

Laura Steen over at The Steen Style created an awesome version of a mirrored nightstand with step-by-step instructions. "The glass shop is your BFF during a project like this," she says early on in her post on the topic. And, she certainly did a great job creating a gorgeous, "grown-up" piece for her bedroom!



Mirrored Nightstand 2: A Little Glass Box

Over at A Little Glass Box, Courtney Shutz showcases her treatment for a beautifully mirrored nightstand as well. In her case, the mirrors are just on the drawer fronts - a touch that is just enough to take a dresser from blah to ooh-la-la in just one afternoon! Like Lauren, Courtney espouses the importance of finding an expert for help when needed, especially in instances of getting the right size for your mirrors and learning the right way to affix them to the dresser.


Beautiful DIY mirrored nightstand by Courtney at A Little Glass Box.


Mirrored Nightstand Pointers from Your Mirror BFFs

So, like that local glass shop, we're happy to be your BFF during this project. Here are some tips for creating your own masterpiece from our glass and mirror expert, Evelyn Guerrero.

"There are all kinds of ways to create a DIY project like this one," says Evelyn. "You can put a mirror just on the top, for example, or affix the mirrors to the sides and drawer fronts."

  • Tip #1: Find the Right Dresser. The right dresser is important. "You want one with lots of straight open space and not one with an over-abundance of embellishments," says Evelyn. Craig's List, local yard sales, and even your attic or a relative's home are great places to find a good candidate for this project.


  • Tip #2: Sand and Paint First. "You'll want to do all the sanding and painting first, just so you don't have to do all that taping around your mirrors later," Evelyn states. Good tip - and while it seems self-explanatory if you've done a lot of DIY projects, it's sometimes the most obvious thing.


  • Tip #3: Consult with Experts. Like our blogger friends said, "making friends" with the right people can help. "Similar to your local glass shop, we can custom cut your mirrors to your exact specification," says Evelyn. "We have low-cost shipping and guaranteed in-one-piece delivery." Another tip: if you need extra help, like drilling holes, you can live chat with an expert on our Website, or call us at 866-452-7707 to consult with an expert for the tricky parts of your project.

So get started on your DIY project today! Create something great? Show it off on our Facebook page!

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