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Shower Glass Door Checklist

Shower Glass Door Checklist

Dulles Glass


Thu Sep 14 2023

A collage showcasing diverse bathroom designs and features, offering a visual exploration of various styles and elements.

When shopping for a new shower glass door, there are a few things to keep in mind. We’ll cover basic topics that every savvy customer should know prior to remodeling their bathroom as well as custom shower door options. For more information prior to making a new glass shower door purchase, we encourage you to take advantage of our in-home consultation provided to customers who live in the Washington DC metropolitan region.

Three images side by side: 1st - Bathroom with green walls

Custom Shower Door Maintenance

In particular, frameless glass shower doors are less maintenance than standard shower doors. The reason is that an all-glass shower enclosure does not have frames that typically collect mold and debris. Since the surface is relatively smooth, glass shower doors stay cleaner longer.

Shower Room Door Angle Sweeps

There are side, door jamb, and bottom sweeps that easily attach to a frameless shower enclosure. Shower door sweeps attach to the shower door edgework to prevent water from splashing out of the shower. Shower room door angle sweeps easily snap on and should be replaced every several years. Shower door angle sweeps can be custom-cut to fit almost anywhere on the edgework of a shower door and they are fairly inexpensive.

Glass Treatment For Shower Glass Doors

Many customers ask what can shower doors be manufactured with so they don't spot. For customers who want to maintain the appearance of their new shower door glass, our answer is ClearShieldTM, a protective coating applied to the surface of a new shower door glass. ClearShield bonds to the shower glass and prevents residue from adhering to the surface. That means that you won’t have to worry about soap scum or hard water deposits sticking to your shower glass and you will spend less time cleaning your shower door.

Sliding Glass Showers & Bathtub Doors


Sometimes bathroom components are too close together, which is common in older buildings. Perhaps the toilet is a little too close to the shower. This is where sliding glass showers come to the rescue. Wherever there’s an obstruction to door entrances, we like to recommend sliding glass showers as they don’t require the same kind of space to open a swinging door. Sliding Glass Showers can also be custom-cut and installed as sliding bathtub doors. They are very versatile in design! Some people choose a semi-frameless sliding glass shower door, that typically is frameless all around except for the header which is usually composed of stainless steel. Another popular sliding glass shower door look is the barn door as seen in the photo above that is on a rolling track system. This sliding glass shower door can be customized by hardware type. 

Corner Shower Glass Doors


Corner shower doors are another space-saving shower door design. If your bathroom layout feels a bit restricted, corner shower doors can make your bathroom feel more spacious. Dulles Glass can cut custom glass panels for shower knee walls as well as sloped ceilings. A corner shower door can convert confined bathrooms into open airy bathrooms. This corner shower door is in a typical 90-degree angle cut. Other corner shower doors can be in a diamond cut, such as a neo-angle shower door, or cut to fit your particular bathroom angle. 

Shower Glass Door Consultation | Virginia, Maryland & Washington DC

By now, you should have an understanding of some benefits that custom shower doors offer your bathroom design. There are many more customizations available for shower glass doors. For more information, schedule a free consultation with a frameless shower glass door expert. The consultation will be held in the comfort of your own home where the shower glass door expert will cover any design challenges, concerns, and questions you may have regarding your glass shower door purchase. For more information on shower glass doors, read our shower glass door guide.

Free Shower Door Quote | Maryland, Virginia, DC


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