Shower Glass Panels For A Low-Maintenance Modern Bathroom

by Nancy DeZarn

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A tempered shower glass panel measured and custom cut to fit your bathroom’s dimensions will transform your bathroom into a gorgeous low-maintenance bathroom. Dulles Glass custom cuts glass to fit bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. The price of your shower enclosure includes measurements, installation, and a 3-year warranty. Prior to purchase, you can have a consultation with a glass specialist who will take measurements and go over your bathroom remodeling project.

Shower Glass Panels By Dulles Glass

Use Shower Glass Panels For A Bathroom Partition

Create a modern walk-in shower with a tempered glass shower wall that separates the shower stall from the rest of the bathroom. Combine with ClearShield glass protector for a low-maintenance bathroom.  No scrubbing necessary! Simply wipe the glass clean with a special glass cleaner.

Since the glass shower wall is frameless, you only need to wipe the wall down. Shower glass panels can be affixed to curbless and curbed shower stalls as well as most bathtubs. Take advantage of our free consultation to discuss your bathroom remodeling ideas with a glass expert.

Clearshield Glass Treatment Protective Coating For Shower Glass Panels

Reduce cleaning time by 90% with a pre-treated shower screen coating. ClearShield lasts for years and will keep your glass surfaces shiny and clean. ClearShield is a shower glass treatment that repels & cleans soap scum off shower doors by coating the surface of your glass. This glass coat makes your glass impenetrable to debris that would otherwise stick to the glass.

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