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Summer DIY Trend - Foam Mirrors

Summer DIY Trend - Foam Mirrors

Dulles Glass


Sat May 20 2023


Level up your daily mirror pics with this super quick and easy DIY. This mirror decor idea is personally one of my favorites. The design was initially inspired by artist Anne Thoma, who unfortunately only ships her products to european customers, which is why I was so determined to create these works of art for myself. I still recommend taking a look at her instagram page for further inspiration. This affordable and effortless design will make your mirror appear as if it's floating within a cloud. Heres how its done:


What You’ll Need:

  • Frameless Mirror - You get a custom mirror or choose from our in-stock shapes: round, rectangle, oval or square (Psst...in-stock mirrors ship within 1-3 business days)
  • Expanding Spray Foam - I recommend around 2-3 bottles depending on the size of your mirror 
  • A tarp or newspaper - the foam will stick to absolutely everything, make sure you wear gloves and clothes you don't care about. 
  • Spray Paint or regular paint - however I believe the natural cream color of the foam is beautiful so this is just based on your preference. 


Step 1: Prep your work surface by laying down either your tarp or newspaper. Your work surface should be 2 to three times as large as your mirror.

Step 2: Lay your mirror face up on your work surface. I like to put either a can of soup or a shoebox between the mirror and my work surface so the spray foam doesn’t stick. 

Step 3: Now we can finally apply foam to the mirror! Keep in mind that the foam expands to twice its size as it dries. First make sure to test the nozzle by spraying some foam onto a piece of paper. This is an opportunity for you to practice using the spray before you spray your mirror. 

Step 4: Begin to spray along the border of the mirror in a zigzag motion, it adds more texture this way. Leave the foam to dry overnight.

Step 5: At this point you can be done, leaving your foam white, or if you want to add a little extra wow to your mirror, you can always add color. I recommend spraying the foam once it has dried in a gloss or Matt finish color of your choice. 

For a video demonstration, click here



Easy as that, you now have a futuristic, cloud like mirror in your home! Once you're done, make sure to write a photo review on either our website or Facebook page, or showcase your newest DIY addition to your home by tagging us on Instagram @dullesglassandmirror for a chance to win $100! 

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