Tinted Shower Glass: Your Secret Interior Design Strategy

by Nancy DeZarn

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If you’re considering a new shower enclosure from Dulles Glass, there’s one interior design secret you should know about: tinted shower glass. Adding a little bit of tint to the glass can add a lot of interest to your new bathroom design.  Here are a few things you need to know:

Tinted Glass & Privacy

The two tints that we offer are gray and bronze. We have found that these two tints are the most popular. These two tints are just that - glass that has been tinted with some light coloring - so the glass in your shower is not opaque. Light can be admitted through the glass much more than a more opaque treatment, such as rain glass or frosted glass. Those types of glass provide much more privacy than gray or bronze glass, although the gray and bronze do provide a bit of coverage if that is what you are looking for.

bronze shwoer

A bronze shower in a neutral, warm color scheme.

Gray Glass Design Options

With gray glass, you can match any decor, but it goes especially well with cooler color palettes.  Color schemes with black, gray, blue, teal, green, or even purple will look great with a smokey gray glass shower.

For hardware, we’d suggest chrome or brushed nickel to keep everything cool together. For accessories, bright white towels, curtains, and bathmats will look stunning. However, any color from your cooler color palette will be attractive next to your deeply shaded shower.

Bronze Glass Design Options

Our bronze glass is on the warmer side of brown shades, so it goes well with a warm color palette. Red, yellow, orange, and pink will look spectacular beside your toasty bronze glass shower.

For hardware, we like to pair bronze glass with oil rubbed bronze. Accessories are limitless with a bronze shower, but you could start with an off-white, creamy shade for towels and curtains for a very spa-like atmosphere.

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