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Glass Doors & Walls Installation Service

Glass Doors & Walls Installation Service

Glass Doors & Walls

We've got lots of different types of glass door and glass wall options available for you. We custom design, manufacture, and install in record time.

About Our Glass Doors & Walls

It’s never been easier to open up your space with glass doors and walls with Dulles Glass. Our frameless glass doors and walls are constructed with architectural quality glass to ensure your safety. Strong, durable, and structurally sound, they are an excellent choice. The textures, tints, frosts, and patterns available on your glass dividers, glass partitions, glass walls or glass doors can be customized to suit your tastes.

How it Works

Sliding Doors / Barn Doors

Our glass sliding doors/barn doors are made of high-quality, durable glass, these unique interior sliding doors make quite the design statement. With minimal hardware and a smooth, quiet glide, these doors are a great way to allow natural light. We have two great styles of interior sliding doors: The Laguna, which is similar to the popular "barn doors" you see in decorating magazines, and the Klein model, which can be used in a variety of spaces. Use either of these as a space divider or door between rooms that still lets in lots of natural light. Both are made of thick tempered glass and glide on a stainless steel rod with wheels to guide them.

Laguna Sliding Glass Doors

The minimalist design is a look that fits almost any décor, with a homey yet modern appeal. Use the Laguna to separate the kitchen from the dining room, or your bedroom from the master bath. Laguna doors allow for both light and privacy – and add value to your home.

Klein Sliding Glass Doors

Klein doors are one of our most versatile offerings. Heavy glass panels glide below a rectangular rod that hides the hardware. Klein doors come with a variety of features that fit any need:

  • A "telescoping" version for opening multiple doors at the same time
  • Sliding glass doors on a corner installation
  • Self-closing, hold open, and anti-slam features

Easy to clean with AfterCare and our Glass Cleaner

Made in the USA: All products are custom designed and fabricated in our own state-of-the art manufacturing plant.

Professional installation required by Dulles Glass

Sliding Doors / Barn Doors

Sliding Doors / Barn Doors

Sliding Doors / Barn Doors

Sliding Doors / Barn Doors

Customizable Options for Glass Doors and Walls

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1-Year Warranty

We offer a one year warranty on our glass door and glass wall installations.

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Your Glass, Your Way

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50+ Years Experience

Our teams are experts for over 50+ years and cover all areas. You can visit our three showrooms in Virginia or Maryland.

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Flexible Configurations

Our state-of-the-art plant allows us to create the most unique custom designs for your spaces to cover all your needs!

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High-Quality Product

Our products are made of the highest-quality glass and constructed with the best quality hardware in the industry.

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Dulles Glass

Dulles Glass is your online retailer for custom-cut glass, mirrors, and shower doors. We fabricate your glass your way, ship it to you free of charge nationwide, and provide our professional installation service in limited geographic areas.


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