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No Regrets

Dulles Glass is the best in the business for getting it right and getting it done:

  • Unsurpassed expertise: you WILL get the right mirror
  • Best installation turnaround time in the business
  • Full-time professional installers on-staff
  • Lead and copper free for superior clarity.

Quotes are free – just send us your measurements for a fast and easy quote!

Large-scale Wall Mirrors for Your Business

Your business is important for you: your look, your customers' satisfaction. That's why it's also important to us. Our custom large-scale wall mirrors add beauty and function to your space with just the quality you deserve and a price that works for your bottom line.

Businesses We Serve

Dulles Glass is able to custom fabricate and install mirrors in just about any business. Here are a few businesses we create mirrors for in the Washington, DC metropolitan area:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Hotels
  • Retail stores
  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Fitness and Dance studios

Customizing your mirror is easy with the experts at Dulles Glass. Get a quote with the information you know about your mirror project, and someone will contact you with a preliminary quote for free, in 24 hours. We'll help you get it just right for your business and your customers.


Get It Fast

Dulles Glass has the fastest turnaround time in the business. This means that you can normally have your mirrors installed in 7 business days from the time of your approved plans.

Expert Installation Services

Dulles Glass has full-time, professional installers on staff, so you know that your installation will be completed on-time and budget, and with the highest quality.


We offer a comprehensive 2-year warranty on our mirror products.

More About Wall-to-Wall Mirrors

If you operate your business in our service area, we are happy to assist you with installing a wall-to-wall mirror. We do two types of installations for this type of mirror:

  1. Wall-to-Wall – Where the edge of the mirrors fits one entire wall, edge to edge. Keep in mind that due to the labor-intensive installation, a true wall-to-wall installation will be more expensive.
  2. Short-of-Wall – Where the mirrors cover almost the entire wall, but stops about an inch from each edge.

In either case, we are happy to provide you with a quote, but a Dulles Glass installation expert will need to come out and double-check all the measurements before we fabricate the glass for you. In this way, you can rest easy that your mirror will be perfect for your space.

Wall to Wall Mirrors

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