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New! Introducing Our Wall Mirror Tiles

Elevate your space with our wall mirror tiles, meticulously crafted from top-grade 1/16-inch HD float glass. Available in two distinct sizes, these mirror sets redefine quality, delivering pristine, undistorted reflections and an enchanting sense of expanded roominess. Their versatility extends beyond measure, adhering seamlessly to plastic, glass, metal, and more, making them the perfect choice for DIY enthusiasts. From your doors, living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even fitness spaces or offices, these rectangular mirrors serve as the ultimate enhancement, adding a touch of sophistication and spaciousness to any environment.

About Our Mirrors
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About Our Frameless Mirrors

Elevate your space with mirrors that are not only customizable in terms of shape, size, and edges but also offer a range of sophisticated tints including clear glass, bronze, gray, and acrylic. Whether you envision a bespoke design or prefer the convenience of our pre-made selection, every mirror is meticulously crafted in our fabrication plant in Manassas, VA. Using 1/4” thick, high-quality mirror sheets, we tailor them to your specifications, with a maximum size of 98” x 80”, and offer mirror installation hardware from mirror glue to mirror clips and mirror channel bars.

Why Choose Our Glass Mirrors


Unparalleled Customization

We offer an unparalleled level of customization for hanging mirrors. Tailor the shape, size, edges, corner finishes, and tint to suit your unique preferences, ensuring a personalized statement piece that seamlessly integrates with your space.


Premium Craftsmanship

Using high-quality 1/4” thick mirror sheets, we guarantee exceptional craftsmanship that reflects our commitment to delivering the highest standard. Each mirror is a testament to our dedication to quality and fabricated in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.


Versatile Tint Options

Dulles Glass goes beyond the ordinary by offering versatile tint options. Choose from clear glass for a classic look, bronze or gray tinted glass for a touch of sophistication, or opt for the modern appeal of acrylic mirrors.


Curated Pre-Made Selection

Designed to cater to diverse tastes and styles, our pre-made options are carefully selected to offer elegance and functionality. Enjoy the convenience that suits your preferences without the need for extensive customization and fast delivery within 1 - 3 business days.


Comprehensive Installation Solutions

From mirror glue to mirror clips and mirror channel bars, we provide all the necessary components for a seamless and secure installation, ensuring your mirror is not only visually stunning but also securely and professionally mounted. 

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Mirror Hardware

Every mirror has its unique story, and at Dulles Glass, we believe in giving each one the perfect finishing touch. Our collection of high-quality hardware, available as an add-on option, is not just about functionality; it's about creating a personalized and secure installation experience, whether it's for a large or small hanging mirror. 

Explore our diverse selection of styles and on-trend color finishes for mirror clips and channels, each telling a unique story of both style and security. If you're yearning for a secure and sleek mounting solution with a modern touch, our clips are the ideal choice. For those in search of sophistication, our channels are thoughtfully designed to elevate your space. And, if you envision a seamless and frameless look, our discreet yet robust mirror mastic provides the perfect solution.

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Mirror Tints

Transform your space with elegance and flair using Dulles Glass's exquisite tinted mirrors, available in sophisticated gray and bronze hues. You can customize these gray and bronze full-length mirrors effortlessly through our user-friendly customizer tool and tailor the tint, shape, size, edges, and corner finish to suit your unique preferences. Our tinted mirrors not only add a touch of refinement to your decor but also offer seamless integration into any interior or exterior space. 

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Mirror Edge Styles

Our commitment to safety and sophistication is evident in the array of edge styles we offer. Imagine your mirror becoming the smooth operator of your space with a flat polished edge – it's like the James Bond of mirrors, sleek and effortlessly cool. Now, picture the subtle sophistication of a pencil polished edge, giving your reflection a touch of red-carpet finesse. But the journey doesn't end there! We also offer the gentle smoothness of seamed edges, where safety meets style in a dance that whispers, "Safety first, but make it chic." And for those who crave a touch of luxury, behold the beveled polished edge style – turning your mirror into a captivating work of art that steals the spotlight. Your reflection deserves to be both stylish and secure, so let the adventure begin – where safety, sophistication, and a dash of glamour converge in perfect harmony!

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Safety Backing for Mirrors

We take safety very seriously and offer safety backing for each mirror in our collection as an additional custom feature. With safety backing, you can enjoy your mirror with confidence, knowing that it not only enhances your space aesthetically but also ensures an added layer of security. Whether you choose a custom design or opt for one from our curated selection, Dulles Glass prioritizes your safety, making every reflection a secure and stylish delight. 

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Mirror Installation Guides & Warranty

Whether you're opting for a chic round or classic rectangle mirror installation using clips, we've got you covered. Our detailed video guides provide step-by-step instructions, ensuring a seamless and secure installation process. 

To get started, check out our Round Mirror Installation GuideRectangle Mirror Installation Guide, and Beveled Mirror Installation Guide. Each guide comes complete with easy-to-follow instructions, helpful tips, and visuals to assist you at every step. The highlight of the series is covering key insights and expert advice to ensure your installation is not only visually stunning but also securely mounted. 

At Dulles Glass, we empower you to turn your vision into reality with the added assurance of our warranty.

How it Works

It’s quite simple. Select a mirror shape, enter your mirror dimensions and custom design by choosing your favorite mirror tint, edge style, safety backing, etc. and check out your custom mirror. Our team is here to support you via live chat.


Custom Build Mirrors

Custom Build Your Mirror

Measure your wall space and custom design your mirror on our customization page. Everything is being quoted right on the spot, ready for checkout.


Technical & Design Support

Our team is here to support you with all your questions to get you the right mirror for your exact needs. Live chat with us or email!


Fabrication & Quality Control

Our frameless mirrors are fabricated in our own state-of-the-art plant in Manassas, VA. We guarantee 100% premium quality at all times.


Curbside, Contactless Delivery

Your mirror, hardware and accessories are packed safely and curbside delivered by a carrier. All prices incl. FREE shipping.

Get Inspired By Mirror Projects

Whether you are in need of a mirror for your living room or you create a unique DIY, we would love to share it. Tag us on Instagram @dullesglass and show off your mirror project.

Customizable Options for Mirrors

Our 1/4" thick mirrors start on a base price with a base price that covers all fundamental features. During the customization process, you have the liberty to tailor your mirrors according to your preferences. This involves inputting your specific measurements, selecting your preferred mirror tint, edge style, and corner finish, and culminating the customization with the addition of a safety backing as a protective final layer.


Choose from 5 different shapes to match your interior decor.


We custom fabricate to the exact measurements provided by you or your dxf file.


Our mirrors are 1/4” thick and the most common thickness in the industry.

Color Tints

Choose from three different mirror tints. We offer clear, bronze, and gray.

Edge Styles

For safe and smooth edges we offer flat, pencil, seamed and beveled polished edge styles.

Corner Finishes

You can choose eased, radius polished, or clip polished corners for safety or design purposes.

Safety Backing

We offer a pressure-sensitive adhesive film that will prevent the mirror from scattering if broken.


Custom Mirror Ideas

Elevate your space with ideas that transcend the ordinary. Whether you’re enhancing your living room, bedroom, or bathroom, our customers ingeniously use custom hanging mirrors for various purposes, from replacing bathroom vanity mirrors to creating unique furniture projects. Explore our blog, Reflections, for ideas on incorporating round and oval mirrors into wedding decor, gifts, and makeup, and discover unique shapes, placements, and framing options that transform from reflections to statement pieces. The possibilities are endless with our curated custom ideas.


Where to Use Tinted Mirrors

Add sophistication to your space with custom-tinted mirrors, available in elegant gray and bronze hues. Use them as bathroom mirrors or door mirrors, in bedrooms, or entryways for a warm and inviting atmosphere to transform your spaces into narratives of style and sophistication. Explore our blog for design ideas and inspirations on seamlessly incorporating them into your decor. Discover how they elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces, whether for tabletops, closet paneling, foyer accents, above fireplaces, open spaces, or DIY projects. Eye-catching and versatile, our tinted hues are perfect for your home, office, or event decor.

Helpful Resources for Frameless Mirrors

Help & Installation Videos

Not sure how to install a mirror? We’ve put together a series of helpful videos for you.

More Helpful Tips

From how to clean mirrors to DIY projects. We have a collection of helpful tips for you!

Need Expert Help?

We are here to walk you through the measurement process. Live chat or email us!


Mirror FAQs

Customer DIY Mirror Projects


Customization At Its Best

Whether your project is just getting started or needs help to find the final touch, our glass and design experts are here to help you make your dreams come true.

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