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About Our Glass Shelves

Experience the epitome of sophistication with our extensive selection, offering customization options from finish to edge for floating and corner glass shelves. Additionally, choose from readily available in-stock sizes. Our floating glass shelves are characterized by easy maintenance, versatility, and seamless integration into any space. Whether your inclination is towards tempered or annealed glass for enhanced strength, Dulles Glass ensures a meticulously curated selection to precisely align with your requirements. The utilization of high-quality materials in our custom tempered glass shelves guarantees durability and strength, presenting a dependable storage solution that endures the test of time.

Why Choose Our Glass Shelves


Tailored Elegance:

Our clear glass shelves offer a touch of sophistication and allow you to tailor by size, shape, thickness, and finish, ensuring a seamless blend with your unique style.


Versatile Functionality:

Our custom glass shelves are designed are adapting effortlessly to any space. Whether you opt for custom, corner, or premade options, they offer practical and aesthetic solutions for various applications.


Durable Craftsmanship:

Experience longevity with our tempered glass shelves crafted from high-quality materials in our own factory. The durable construction ensures strength and resilience, providing a reliable storage solution that withstands the test of time.


Effortless Installation:

Enjoy a hassle-free glass shelf installation with our brackets, allowing you to showcase your prized possessions or create functional storage solutions with ease.

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Glass Shelf Types

Dive into our curated collection of glass shelf types, each designed to add a distinct flair to your interior. From the enchanting illusion of floating shelves to the space-saving charm of corner shelves, our range offers endless possibilities for you.  Unleash your imagination and discover the perfect shelf to elevate your decor.

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Glass Shelf Hardware

Our solid brass shelf brackets redefine your home's narrative with a seamless blend of artistry and reliability. Rust-resistant and adaptable, they provide adjustable support for glass or wood shelves up to 10 inches deep, ensuring a harmonious fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Available in sleek modern to timeless classic finishes, they effortlessly complement your interior design, offering a sophisticated match for any aesthetic preference. Our versatile bracket collection addresses diverse storage needs in various environments, from retail displays and kitchen organization to bathrooms, offices, and garages. Supported by a robust 1-year warranty, our brackets offer an extended assurance of satisfaction and an easy installation process.

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Glass Shelf Thickness Options

At Dulles Glass, we understand that one size does not fit all. That's why we offer a range of thickness options, allowing you to tailor your shelves to match both your aesthetic preferences and the practical needs of your space. Whether you're looking for a sleek and minimalistic design or a sturdier solution for heavier items, our variety of glass thicknesses provides the flexibility you need to create shelves that perfectly complement your vision.

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Glass Shelf Strength

When it comes to strength, Dulles Glass stands out as a trusted source for reliable and robust glass wall shelves. Our commitment to quality extends to the fabrication process, which takes place in our factory. This ensures meticulous attention to detail and adherence to the highest industry standards. Whether you're showcasing delicate decor or heavy collectibles, our modern shelves are crafted to withstand the demands of daily use. Choose strength with confidence, knowing that your shelves from Dulles Glass are engineered for both durability and longevity.

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Glass Shelf Edging

The edges of your floating glass shelves play a crucial role in both safety and aesthetics. Dulles Glass offers a selection of edging options, each designed to enhance the visual appeal of your shelves while maintaining a smooth and secure finish. From polished flat edges for a sleek modern look to beveled edges that add a touch of sophistication, our range of edging choices ensures that your shelves not only meet functional requirements but also elevate the overall design of your space. Experience the art of precision edging, all conveniently available through our online platform.

How it Works

It’s quite simple. Enter your measurements, choose your favorite glass tint, glass thickness, strength, edge style, etc and check out your custom-designed glass shelves.


Custom Build Mirrors

Custom Design to Your Specs

There are no limits. We cut to your exact needs from simple shapes to very complex projects.


Technical & Design Support

Our team is here to support you in all your questions to get you the right product to your exact needs. Live chat with us or email!


Fabrication & Quality Control

Our glass shelves are fabricated in our state-of-the-art plant in Manassas, VA. We guarantee 100% premium quality at all times.


Curbside, Contactless Delivery

Your shelves, hardware, and accessories are packed safely and curbside delivered by a carrier. Plus, all prices include FREE shipping.

Get Inspired by Glass Shelf Projects

Explore our projects for inspiration. Whether you are replacing a bathroom shelf or creating a shelving unit for storage, explore the possibilities and share your creations with us on Instagram @dullesglass.


Customizable Options for Glass Shelves

Our glass shelves have a starting price that encompasses the fundamentals, featuring standard 3/8" thick clear glass with chrome, brushed nickel, or brass hardware finish. Throughout the customization process, you have the flexibility to input measurements, pick your preferred glass tint, choose the glass thickness and strength, and select your favorite edge type and corner finish.


Choose from 4 different shapes for your glass shelf project.


We custom fabricate to the exact measurements provided by you or your dxf file.


Choose from 6 different types/tints to match your home decor.


Choose your preference! We offer glass thicknesses from 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, all the way to 3/4”.

Shelf Strength

We offer annealed or tempered glass. The choice is yours!

Edge Styles

Choose between a flat, beveled, seamed, or pencil-polished edge on your purchase!

Corner Finishes

You can choose eased, radius polished, or clip polished corners for safety or design purposes.

Helpful Resources for Glass Shelves

Help & Installation Videos

Not sure how to install a glass shelf? We’ve put together a series of helpful videos for you.

More Helpful Tips

From how to clean glass shelves to DIY projects. We have a collection of helpful tips for you!

Need Expert Help?

We are here to walk you through the measurement process. Live chat or email us!

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Glass Shelf Installation Guide & Warranty

In this comprehensive video guide, we'll walk you through the seamless process of installing shelves with precision and ease.

  1. Begin by carefully unboxing your shelves and prepare for installation by gathering the necessary tools and any additional hardware provided. 
  2. Use the level to ensure accurate placement, marking positions for brackets or supports based on your design vision. Securely install brackets or supports following the marked positions, ensuring they are level and firmly anchored for floating shelves. 
  3. Carefully place the shelves onto the installed brackets or supports, checking for alignment and making any necessary adjustments.

With Dulles Glass’s unwavering commitment to quality, each installation is backed by our trusted warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.


Glass Shelf FAQs

Customer DIY Glass Shelf Projects


Customization At Its Best

Whether your project is just getting started or needs help to find the final touch, our glass and design experts are here to help you make your dreams come true.

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United States © 2024 Dulles Glass. All Rights Reserved.