Custom Mirrors For Washington DC

by Nancy DeZarn

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Custom Mirrors Washington DC Residential And Business Installation

If you’ve decided that you want to improve the look of your home or business and add some flair, new mirrors might be perfect for you. The best part? We’ll come to your home and install them for you. The first step is deciding where you would like to add new or replacement mirrors. Dulles Glass can help you select great mirrors to hang in foyers, bathrooms, bedrooms, vanities, gyms, and above mantels.

Custom Mirrors- Customize the Color, Size, and Shape 

Don’t forget that we can customize your mirrors by allowing you to choose the tint, the type of glass, the edge work and the hardware. We can also make custom cutouts for things like outlets, light switches, and fixtures. Whether you need custom shapes such as circles, ovals, squares or rectangles, or wall-to-wall or floor-to-wall mirrors, Dulles Glass can fabricate your design.

Tinted Bronze Mirror

Types Of Mirrors

We offer gym mirrors for every use, from your gym or yoga studio to ballet studios or spas. We can glue them directly to the wall with a special glass mastic. If you’re ordering bathroom, vanity, bedroom, foyer or fireplace mirrors, you can get square, rectangular, oval and circular shapes. Available in clear, gray or bronze mirror glass, our mirrors can look good in any room of your home or area of your business that you choose to install them. Visit Dulles Glass for custom mirror installation in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland

Design Consultation

The second step is to get a project price estimate. You can schedule an appointment to get a consultation in person or online. Either way, Dulles Glass will give you a free, no-obligation estimate on how much your new custom mirrors are going to cost. Our glass experts will use your preferences and ideas to help you decide on the best mirrors for your remodeling or redecorating plans.

Oversized round mirror

Custom Mirror Installations in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC

You can easily get an online mirror price estimate. We’ll have a proposal to you within 24 hours of receiving your measurements online. The proposal will include as much detail as possible to make sure you are getting the exact products you want. After you approve the proposal, we’ll fabricate your mirror exactly to your specifications.  On installation day all you need to do is relax while our team of experts gets to work. They handle every aspect of the installation, including delivery and any clean up afterward, to make the process as effortless as possible for you.

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