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Wall Mirror Tile Set

Wall Mirror Tile Set

Wall Mirror Tile Set
Wall Mirror Tile Set
Wall Mirror Tile Set




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Foyer wall adorned with mirror tiles next to a book shelf
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About Our Mirror Tiles

Crafted from top-tier 1/16-inch HD float glass, our wall mirror sets come in two different sizes and offer impeccable quality, bright distortion-free reflections, and the illusion of expanded space with an alluring aesthetic. Versatile and ideal for surfaces like plastic, glass, metal, and more, these easy-to-install mirrors are perfect for DIY projects. Whether it's your doors, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, gyms, offices, or closets, these rectangular mirrors are the perfect addition to elevate any space. 

Why Choose Our Mirror Tiles?


Versatility Unleashed

Elevate the aesthetics of your bathroom, home gym, bedroom, closets, doors, and offices with our rectangle mirror set, available in various sizes. Whether you're enhancing a glass wall, creating a captivating antique mirror accent wall, or designing an elegant kitchen backsplash, our mirror sets offer boundless possibilities.


High-Definition Reflection

Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled clarity, meticulously crafted from high-definition float glass. Say goodbye to distortion and compromise; say hello to perfection. Achieve the timeless charm of an antique mirror or the contemporary elegance of a silver mirror in your desired application.


Effortless Installation

Our mirror tiles are designed for your convenience, arriving with powerful double-sided foam tape and glue that make the installation process a breeze. Whether you're adorning your bathroom floor tiles, creating a captivating kitchen backsplash, or installing an eye-catching glass wall, our glass tiles ensure a secure and hassle-free mounting experience.


Endless Mounting Possibilities

Whether you're looking to adorn doors, painted walls, or metal surfaces, our mirror sets effortlessly adapt to various backgrounds. Create a personalized ambiance that mirrors your unique style, whether it's in your home gym, bedroom, foyer, or office. The possibilities are limitless when you incorporate glass tiles into your interior design.


Custom Creations

Unleash your creativity by combining these glass mirrors into different shapes. These versatile pieces can serve as body mirrors, wall décor, or even placemats. Your imagination is the only limit to the countless possibilities you can explore with these mirrors, transforming your spaces into visually stunning and unique areas

Office wall adorned with mirror tiles behind a office desk and white char.
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Mirror Tile Installation

Setting up glass mirror tiles is a seamless task. Each mirror tile set comes complete with robust double-sided adhesive and mirror sealant, guaranteeing a secure attachment for every mirrored tile. Achieve hassle-free installation with our downloadable PDF guide, which provides step-by-step instructions for a quick and easy setup.

Foyer wall adorned with mirror tiles next to a wooden chair and book shelf

Powerful Adhesion, Easy Removal

Design Possibilities

  • Bathroom Bliss: Create a spa-like atmosphere that amplifies natural and artificial light, making your bathroom a serene retreat.
  • Home Gym Motivation: Energize your workout space that inspires and expands the area, helping you achieve your fitness goals.
  • Bedroom Elegance: Add a touch of glamor and depth to your bedroom, making it feel more spacious and luxurious.
  • Closet Chic: Illuminate and enlarge your closet area, making outfit selection a breeze every morning.
  • Doors with a Twist: Transform doors into reflective masterpieces, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your interiors.
  • Office Sophistication: Upgrade your workspace with mirror tiles that foster a professional atmosphere while visually enlarging the room.

Wall Mirror Tiles FAQs

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