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Gym Mirrors Installation

Gym Mirrors Installation

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Professional Installation

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Gym Mirror Installation Service

We offer professional, high-quality gym mirrors, and installation services for your home or business within the mid-Atlantic region. Whether you are looking to cover an entire studio with a large wall-to-wall mirror installation or install a gym mirror in your garage or basement workout area, our trained and licensed team of experts has got you covered.
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Gym Mirror Installation Types

We offer two types of gym mirrors: standard gym mirrors and MiraSafe gym mirrors, which are special safety mirrors. During the quoting process, our Dulles Glass expert will assist you in determining the right gym mirror for your project. High-quality gym mirrors are essential to ensure proper posture and positioning during exercises, yoga, dance, or other fitness activities. Whether you need a gym mirror for your gym, spa, yoga studio, dance studio, or ballet studio, we can fabricate the mirrors to your precise dimensions, incorporate cutouts for electrical outlets, deliver them, and install them for you. We use mirror mastic to securely attach the gym mirrors to your walls and complete the installation with J-bars or L-bars to ensure long-lasting stability. Additionally, we can add decorative mirror clips to complement the style of the room where the mirrors are installed.
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MiraSafe™ Gym Mirrors vs. Standard Gym Mirrors

Discover the superior choice: MiraSafe™ Gym Mirrors redefine fitness spaces, offering shatter-resistant safety and uncompromising clarity unlike standard mirrors. We offer both options of gym mirrors to elevate your workout environment with innovation that reflects your commitment.

MiraSafe™ Safety MirrorsStandard Gym Mirrors
SafetyImpact-resistant and shatterproof Breakable - requires safety backing
ClarityUltra clear mirrorClear glass mirror
Available Sizes 48" x 72", 36" x 72", 36" x 60" Custom
Thickness1/4" 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4"
CompositionLead-free, Low-iron glass Copper-free glass
Maximum Sheet Size Stock sizes 78" x 144"
Edge Finishes Flat Polish Seamed, Pencil, Flat or Beveled Polish
Performance7 ANSI standards N/A
Price $$$ $$ - $$$
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Enhance Your Space with Flawless Wall-to-Wall Gym Mirror Installations

Unlock a world of sophistication and spaciousness with our expert wall-to-wall mirror installations tailored to businesses within our service area. We specialize in two distinct installation types, ensuring a perfect fit that elevates your environment:

Seamless Wall-to-Wall

Experience the grandeur of mirrors spanning edge to edge on an entire wall. While offering unparalleled elegance, please note that due to the intricate installation process, this option carries a higher cost.

Striking Short-of-Wall

Elevate your space with mirrors that almost engulf the entire wall, leaving just an inch of space at each edge for a modern and captivating aesthetic.

Our commitment to perfection ensures your complete satisfaction. To provide you with an accurate quote and flawless results, a Dulles Glass installation expert will personally verify measurements before fabricating your customized glass mirror. Elevate your surroundings and evoke a sense of boundless space with our precision installation services.

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Add-On Options for Standard Mirrors

Safety Backing

You can enhance your standard Dulles Glass gym mirrors by adding protective safety backing for only $1.00 per sq. ft. This upgrade acts as a shield against potential hazards and mess, ensuring a safer environment.


Our mirror experts ensure a secure wall attachment using mirror mastic, fortified by J-bars or L-bars for peak safety. Opt for decorative clips, standoffs, or rosettes to infuse style.

Cutouts for Wall Openings

Rest assured, even if your space requires strategic cutouts in the mirror glass, we've got you covered. Every gym, studio, or workout area demands precision-cut openings for outlets, vents, wires, TV mounts, and beyond. Our adept Dulles Glass installation team excels at tailoring your gym mirror to flawlessly integrate these elements, ensuring a seamless fit that elevates both functionality and aesthetics.

Why Choose Our Gym Mirror Installation?


Unmatched Expertise

Our installation team comprises skilled professionals who understand the intricacies of gym mirror setup. Trust in their expertise to ensure a flawless installation.


Tailored Solutions

Whether it's a home gym, commercial fitness center, dance studio, or yoga sanctuary, we craft solutions that suit your specific space and needs. Customization is our hallmark.


Safety First

Secure attachment techniques and optional safety backing guarantee the protection of both your mirrors and those using the space.


Seamless Integration

From outlets and vents to TV mounts and more, our team seamlessly incorporates cutouts into the mirrors, merging aesthetics with practicality.


Gym Mirrors Installation FAQs

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