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Glass and Mirror Installation for Hotels

Glass and Mirror Installation for Hotels

Dulles Glass


Wed Jun 07 2023

A collage of bathroom, shower, and bathtub pictures showcasing glas, mirror, and shower door ideas for hotels.

Glass Installation For Your Hotel's Interior Design

Contact Dulles Glass for your hotel glass installation project! Fortunately, Dulles Glass not only installs residential glass but also installs commercial glass. Our custom-cut glass is designed by you with the help of our glass technicians to ensure that safety and functional requirements are met, along with your aesthetic requirements. With glass alone, there are myriad ways you can enhance the look and function of your hotel. We can help you get started by giving you a no-obligation glass installation quote online. Afterward, one of our professional technicians can meet you in person and go over all the details of your project with you and get the information we need to provide you with a quote.

Custom Mirror Installation In Washington DC, Virginia & Maryland

large foyer mirror in a modern living room

A simple design idea is to have Dulles Glass install foyer mirrors in your hotel’s main area or entrance. If the hotel has a bar in or near the lobby, you can also add wall mirrors with custom glass shelves. When customers walk in, they’ll stop and marvel at the class and elegance of your entryway projects. Dulles Glass can also install custom mirrors in the hotel bathrooms. Mirror glass can be cut to almost any size—from wall-to-wall or much smaller—you just have to specify the dimensions and pick what kind of glass and what edge you need. Dulles Glass can fabricate square, rectangular, oval, or circular mirrors for your hotel. Our custom mirrors always include safety backing to prevent dangerous breaks on rare occasions when one is struck hard enough to cause real damage. You can choose clear or decorative tints such as grey or bronze mirror glass. Our mirror glass is always lead and copper-free to give you the highest possible image clarity.


Contact Dulles Glass For Custom Hotel Mirror Installation


Second, Dulles Glass can help with hotel glass installation for mirrors in hallways, above fireplaces, and in bathrooms. See our selection of fireplace mirrors. Frameless mirrors can be placed directly opposite doorways to add a modern, sleek look as well. A large mirror above the bathroom sink or vanity area can add the impression of space to small bathrooms. Here are some ideas for vanity mirrors. Dulles Glass also offers multiple mirror edge effects and decorative clips, standoffs, and rosettes to achieve the precise look you want your customers to see. We can glue your mirrors directly to your business’ walls with mirror mastic (or glue), and then add J-bars or L-bars at the top and bottom to stabilize your new mirrors. We can also provide custom cutouts in your mirrors for plugs and outlets.


Custom Glass Shelves For Hotels 

corner glass shelf with three white towels

Third, you can put new glass shelves in the lobby area to hold things such as art and collectibles. Install glass shelves in the hotel bar or restaurant to increase storage space and enhance the look. Another place you should consider installing glass shelving is in guest rooms and bathrooms. Dulles Glass offers glass shelving in a variety of shapes, from rectangular shelves designed to span large areas, to corner shelving that will fit into bathroom corners perfectly. We offer bronze, gray, clear, low-iron, and frosted glass shelving. Our shelving options include corner shelves, shower shelves, shelves that can be used for display or storage, and vanity shelves. Finally, there are multiple types of brackets and edge effects that you can choose from. Hardware finishes include brushed nickel, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and brass. Edge effects range from seamed edges, which are polished to a flat, smooth finish to eliminate sharp edges, to beveled edges, which are cut at an angle to add a distinguished look by making the center of your shelves thicker than the edges.


Glass Shower Door Installation For Hotels | DC, VA, MD


Finally, you should also consider adding glass shower doors and bathtub doors depending upon the design of individual rooms. You can put corner glass shower doors, neo-angle shower doors, or single glass shower doors in smaller rooms in order to maximize the space available. While a single glass shower door is made from a single pane of glass, corner glass shower doors are made of 2 glass panes that meet both walls of the corner of a bathroom where the shower is placed. Neo-angle shower doors consist of three panes of glass and a glass door.


For larger rooms, we offer door and panel shower doors and sliding shower doors. We also offer sliding shower doors and bathtub doors. View our line of bathtub doors. The Metro, Quadro, and Linear models are our three most popular designs for hotel glass installation. Each features seamless integration into your bathroom with a durable track system that can be customized to match your bathroom hardware

Shower Glass Protective Coating To Prevent Spotting

All of our shower and bathtub doors are made of high-quality, tempered glass. We recommend a coating of ClearShield on all of our shower and bathtub doors to resist water damage, lime-scale stains, and grime. ClearShield also makes cleaning glass easier since it makes the surface of the glass smoother, preventing water from penetrating it. In addition, a ClearShield means your new custom glass will stay looking like new for years to come.

Free Consultation On Hotel Glass Installation

Visit Dulles Glass online today to get started on all your hotel glass installation remodeling projects. You can send us your project details online to get a no-obligation quote or we can come to you whenever it’s convenient and discuss your project in person. You can also visit our blog for more great design ideas.


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