Gym Mirror Installation Washington DC

by Nancy DeZarn

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Gym Mirror Installation Types

Dulles Glass can install custom gym mirrors for your home or business in the Washington, DC region and surrounding areas. We offer two kinds of gym mirrors: A standard gym mirror and MiraSafe gym mirrors, which are a special safety kind of mirrorA Dulles Glass salesperson will help you decide which is right for you. High-quality gym mirrors are essential to ensure correct posture and positioning while exercising or engaging in yoga, dance or other fitness activities. Whether for a gym, yoga, dance or ballet studio or spa, we will fabricate your gym mirrors to the precise dimensions you need, deliver them, and install them for you. We use mirror mastic (glue) to glue your new mirrors directly onto your walls and top off the installation with j-bars or L-bars to make sure your mirrors are held firmly in place for years to come. We can also add decorative clips, rosettes, or standoffs so your new mirrors complement the style of the room they’re installed in.

Gym MIrror Installation Washington DC

Gym Wall Mirrors With Custom Cutouts

Do you need wall-to-wall mirrors, which extend all the way from the edge of one wall to the edge of another wall, or short-of-wall mirrors that stop an inch from each edge? These are slightly different. If you choose a wall-to-wall mirror layout, it may cost more.

Our glass experts are happy to meet with you at one of our showrooms, located in Silver Spring, MD, and Manassas, VA. They’ll talk with you about the dimensions of your new mirrors, whether cutouts will be needed for things such as outlets, televisions, or wires, and how long it will take to get your mirror order fabricated. Quotes are free and can almost always be provided within one day of receiving your project specifications. Currently, our gym mirror sale includes measurement, installation and a 2-year warranty. Gym mirrors are on sale for $8.99 per square foot.

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What To Expect On Gym Mirror Installation Day

So you’ve placed your order! What happens next? The only thing you need to do is make sure someone is home on the day your order will be installed. We’ll contact you when your glass order has been fabricated and is ready for delivery and installation. Our courteous, professional glass experts will transport your mirrors to your home or business and handle the installation. You just have to sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting. Afterward, our technicians will confirm that your new mirrors look perfect where they are and clean up space for you.

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