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Options for Custom Fireplace Mirrors

Options for Custom Fireplace Mirrors

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Wed May 17 2023


When choosing a fireplace mirror, consider the overall decor of the room. Contrast is a great way to add depth to any room. If the room is on the lighter side, a tinted fireplace mirror will add the contrast your room needs. For traditional-style rooms, a beveled mirror will match the decor. Size, shape, and cut are other characteristics to consider when choosing a fireplace mirror.

Beveled Fireplace Mirror

Dulles Glass sells beveled edge mirrors from ¼”-1 ¾”. Therefore, if you prefer a wider edge, go with 1 ¾” beveled edge or you like a subtle edgework, choose the thinnest beveled edge at ¼”. Beveled edges look great on long rectangular mirrors or square mirrors, although you can also get beveled edges for circle and oval mirrors.

Fireplace Mirror Shapes & Colors

Add your own personal touch with mirror tint. Dulles Glass offers mirror tints in golden bronze and smokey gray. You can create your own personal style by specifying the mirror glass tint, shape, size and edgework. The photos below display two modern-looking circle mirrors with glass tint. You can request a similar look from Dulles Glass or make adjustments, such as changing the standard circle mirror size to an oversized circle mirror if space permits. Or choose one of our other mirror shapes: oval, square or rectangle.

Custom Cut Mirrors


For a different type of edging, we can place custom cut mirror strips around a single fireplace wall mirror similar to the photo below. The mirror strips will add more dimension and can even include a tint or beveled edge. For a more ornamental look, we can install a full wall length mirror around your fireplace. If you choose to hang anything on that mirror, let us know so that we can create custom notches for hanging artwork or other pieces onto the mirror.


Custom Fireplace Mirror Sizes

Another way to style your fireplace with mirrors is to have custom mirror strips inserted into the mantle border. The mirror strips will be cut to size to fit your fireplace mantle. In addition to cutting mirrors to specified sizes, our technicians can also make cutouts for wall mirror lamps, light switches, thermostats and anything else that may prevent the mirror from fitting onto the wall.


As a general rule, you should choose a fireplace mirror that is a similar width to your fireplace. Dulles Glass specializes in manufacturing and installing custom fireplace mirrors. We can also replace broken fireplace mirrors. We will need the dimensions, style, and shape of your mirror in order to help with the replacement process.

Fireplace Mirror Installation In The Washington DC Region

Dulles Glass installs mirrors in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.  To check if fireplace mirror installation is offered in your area, enter your zip code. If you are not within our service area, we can still make the mirror for you, but you will need to install it yourself. You can also visit one of our showrooms for more mirror ideas. After checking our service area, get started on your fireplace mirror installation project by submitting a quote.  A representative will contact you shortly to discuss your project. Next, a technician will take in-home or business measurements where the mirror will be installed.  Afterward, your mirror will be made and installed within 7 days.

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