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Wall Mirrors for Home Gyms & Fitness Centers

Wall Mirrors for Home Gyms & Fitness Centers

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Wed Jun 07 2023

A collage of exercise equipment, including treadmills, weights, and bikes, with gym mirrors in the background.

Wall mirrors for home gyms can enhance your workout routine. Design your home gym & fitness center with a wall mirror. While the end of 2016 is approaching, people are planning their 2017 New Year's resolutions. 37% of people plan to stay fit and healthy whereas 32% of people want to lose weight. If you live in a cold climate, the weather may discourage you from completing your daily jog. One way to stay on top of your resolutions is to create an environment that will help you achieve your goals- a home gym. Although there is an initial cost to creating your home gym, your investment will pay off over time in terms of health and savings on gym memberships. 



Why Have a Gym Mirror?

Wall mirrors for home gyms offer constant feedback on proper form during exercise whether it be yoga, martial arts, or weight lifting. A wall gym mirror is a great tool for new and experienced athletes to practice good form and posture. Full-length wall mirrors reflect ground-level and eye-level activities for a full perspective of your posture and form.

Wall Mirrors for Home Gyms | Frameless Gym Mirror Guidelines:

Whether you plan to install your gym mirror in a spa, yoga studio, or at home, safety backing is needed to prevent injury from broken glass. While there are many mirrors to purchase for your home gym, spa, or store, keep in mind that cheap mirrors may distort reflection and warp images. This will only get worse over time as the mirror's material will bend with age and cause more distortion. You may have noticed that certain dressing room mirrors may make you look different than your actual image and lighting will also do the same. Some mirrors may add extra pounds whereas others will make you appear older than your actual age.

Do You Really Look Like What You See In The Mirror?

If you are trying to get into shape, you do not want a mirror that distorts your body's reflection! The same goes for dressing rooms. You want to feel good about yourself, not discouraged because of a cheap mirror. If you want a truer reflection of yourself, avoid cheap mirrors as they mimic the distortion of a funhouse mirror. The quality of the glass surface will impact whether the reflection is a true version of an image. 




Buzzfeed tested over 20 dressing room mirrors and lighting to see whether mirrors actually make a person look different. The result- the same person looked drastically different. One last tip is to opt for a frameless glass mirror that adheres directly to the wall. Why? If mirrors are tilted, they will eventually bend, which causes distortion. 

MiraSafe gym mirrors prevent distortion as they are composed of low-iron and do not have the greenish tone that is seen in cheaper mirrors.

Some Tips for Your Home Gym Lighting:

  • Keep it natural. The best lighting is natural lighting. If possible place your home gym in a room with natural lighting. If there are windows on one side of the room, add extra lighting to the windowless side to create a symmetrical light source.


  • Avoid direct above/below lighting as that lighting exaggerates shadows under your eyes.


  • Avoid blue/green fluorescent lights. This lighting will exaggerate blemishes.


  • Use low-wattage soft pink bulbs to enhance an even skin tone and healthy glow. Add diffused lighting throughout your gym mirror. This is especially important for basement gyms.


  • Layer lighting reflects off the ceiling, which makes the eyes look upward and diffuses light thoroughly.



Purchasing a Custom Gym Mirror | Wall Mirrors for Home Gyms

You don't even have to leave your house to shop for a custom gym mirror. Simply choose your mirror size and mirror hardware. Next, choose between multiple or single mirror kits. Dulles Glass will safely ship your custom mirror in 1-3 business days.

Mirror Specifications:

  • Rectangle full-length mirrors


  • Available Sizes: 36x60, 36x72, 48x72


  • Low-iron: ultra clear reflections with no distortion and no green tint


  • Edge Work: Flat Polish


  • Mirror Thickness: 1/4 (6mm) {1/8 Low Iron Mirror + 1/8 Clear Glass}


  • Safety Features include safety backing to prevent injury


  • Finish Options: Chrome

Purchase a MiraSafe Ultra Clear Gym Mirror


Installing a Wall Gym Mirror in Your Home:

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a wall mirror for your home gym. One is the placement of your mirror or mirrors. Many people prefer to install 2 mirrors at a 90-degree angle in their homes so that they can see themselves from the front and side. You may notice this placement in yoga studios where some poses may need to be seen from additional angles. 

The number of gym mirrors is another consideration when planning the interior design of your gym. Martial arts and dance studios may require gym mirror panel kits as the room is large and these activities involve a lot of movement. Stationary activities such as treadmills and weight lifts may only require 2 mirrors for a side and frontal view.

The size of your gym mirror is another consideration. Whether you want a full-length wall mirror or a custom-size mirror for a dressing room or spa, you can find many mirror sizes by visiting Dulles Glass. Orders ship within 3 days and are carefully packaged.

Don't forget to purchase your frameless mirror hanging hardware:

  • Mirror Mounting Clips These mirror clips can be installed on the corners or the sides of the mirror for heavy-duty hanging.


  • Mirror Mastic This durable construction glue can glue mirrors to glass, walls, and other materials.


  • J-bars or L-bars can be used to support the glassless mirror at the bottom and top. Choose your mirror hardware finish: chrome, brushed nickel, and brass.

By now, you should have enough information to make an informed purchase of a quality wall mirror for your home gym. If you need help with measuring your space for a gym mirror, watch the video.

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