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About Our Fireplace Glass

When you buy a fireplace replacement glass from Dulles Glass, you can be certain that you're getting the highest-quality glass available. We custom-cut to your preferences by glass thickness, glass type, shape, edge style, etc. when you place your order, so we are able to guarantee the quality of your product. Whether you need a glass tabletop replacement or a glass table cover for a DIY project, we've got you covered.

How It Works

It’s quite simple. Choose a shape, enter your measurements, select a thickness and check out your custom-designed fireplace glass.


Custom Build Your Glass

Measure your project, choose your glass shape, and custom design your fireplace glass on our customization page. Everything is being quoted right on the spot, ready for checkout.


Technical & Design Support

Our team of experts is here to help you from the ordering process to complex custom orders. Live chat with us!


Fabrication & Quality Control

Your custom fireplace glass is now being fabricated in our state-of-the-art plant in Manassas, VA. We guarantee 100% premium quality at all times.


Curbside, Contactless Delivery

Your glass and hardware are packed safely and curbside delivered by Fedex carrier. All prices incl. FREE shipping.

Get Inspired by Fireplace Glass Projects

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Customizable Options for Fireplace Glass

Our fireplace glass is starting on a base price that includes all the basics. You can customize by selecting a shape, entering measurements, and choosing the glass thickness and strength during the customization process.

Fireplace Glass - Glass Shape

Choose a square or rectangle shape for your fireplace projects.

Glass Dimensions

We custom fabricate to the exact measurements provided by you or your dxf file.

Fireplace Glass - Glass Type

Our fireplace glass is made of neo-ceram glass, a heat resistant glass ceramic.

Fireplace Glass - Glass Thickness

Choose your preference! We offer glass thicknesses of 3/16” and 1/4".

Fireplace Glass - Glass Strength

Our fireplace glass is tempered for your safety.

Edge Style for Fireplace Glass

We offer a seamed and flat polished edge style for safety and design purposes.


NeoCeram Glass for Fireplace Doors

Recommended for Fireplace Door Replacement
NeoCeram is a heat-resistant glass ceramic. It can handle temperatures well into 1,200° Fahrenheit, or 3x the heat resistance of tempered glass. NeoCeram is also more resistant to rapid heating and cooling. If your Fireplace glass panels will be 6" or less from the flames, then NeoCeram is the best option.

NeoCeram is 3/16th of an inch thick and is recommended for use as fireplace glass doors, which enclose the fireplace and come in close contact with the flames. NeoCeram will not fog up in these instances of extreme heat and does not 'need to breathe', like regular tempered fireplace glass.


Fireplace Covers & Doors

Recommended for Fireplace Screens
This type of Fireplace Glass is also known as safety glass and is fabricated to be "thermally stable", meaning it is less sensitive to heat -- How much heat can tempered glass withstand? Tempered glass can withstand temperatures up to 400-500° Fahrenheit. Tempered glass is manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, making it more thermally stable than normal glass, and may be thicker than 5 mm, unlike other fireplace glass options.

Tempered fireplace glass is recommended for use as a fireplace screen where continued heating does not cause the temperature of the glass to exceed 400 degrees. Discoloring of tempered glass exposed to a strong heat source is a sign that it is overheating. Tempered glass should not be used as for the door to traditional wood or gas fireplaces due to excessive heat.


Replace Broken Fireplace Glass

Dulles Glass & Mirror provides fireplace replacement doors for your fireplace, wood stove, gas stove or pellet stove. Our custom sizes can fit small inserts as well as large fireplaces. If you are upgrading your fireplace hearth or retrofitting an antique fireplace, we offer a large selection of custom glass.

As a high-temperature glass manufacturer and supplier, our heat-resistant glass is custom made, professionally packaged and safely shipped to your front door! As the largest custom glass online retailer in the country, we've perfected the art of creating the perfect glass for your broken fireplace glass doors.


Fireplace Covers & Replacing Fireplace Doors

Is your fireplace glass door broken? Did your fireplace glass shatter? Replace your broken fireplace glass with us. We can help you customize your order of high-temperature replacement glass can fit home ovens or industrial ovens. Whether you have an antique wood stove or a retro fireplace, we can help you find the perfect glass customized just for you! Order your heat-resistant glass cut to size.

Helpful Resources for Custom Glass

Help & Installation Videos

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a series of helpful videos for you.

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From how to clean table tops to unique DIY projects for tables with glass tops. We have a collection of helpful tips for you!

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