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Double Swinging Bathtub Doors

A single swinging bathtub door is a great choice if you have a smaller space but still have room for a door to swing open. This single bathtub door is installed on the same side of the shower as the shower head, with another piece of glass installed on the other side. The hinges attach to the wall, and this door can open to the left or right.

Why choose Dulles Glass Shower?

Durable, High Quality Products

Our bathtub doors are made of the highest-quality heavy shower glass in either 3/8" or 1/2", both of which offer superior structural integrity for your shower enclosure.

Safe and Hygienic

Our bathtub doors are durable and constructed with the best quality hardware. In addition, they're easy to clean, because of the lack of a frame to collect dirt and moisture.

Fully Customizable

You can customize your bathtub door just how you want it: thickness of glass, glass tints and types, hardware finishes, and glass surface protection.

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Choose a Double Swinging Bathtub Door Configuration

Double Swinging Left Corner Bathtub Door

Double Swinging Left Corner Bathtub Door

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Double Swinging Bathtub Door

Double Swinging Bathtub Door

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Double Swinging Right Corner Bathtub Door

Double Swinging Right Corner Bathtub Door

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Double Swinging bathtub doors come in a few configurations. You can get them as an enclosure for a straight standard bathtub area where the door hinges are affixed to the walls, or as a corner configuration, where one of the hinges are affixed to another glass panel and one set of hinges is affixed to another wall. This second configuration can have the corner panel on to the left or the right depending on the configuration of your bathroom.

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