Canto™ Corner Glass Shower Door Layouts

Right Open Corner Shower Door

Right Open Corner Shower Door

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Left Open Corner Shower Door

Left Open Corner Shower Door

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Right Open Corner Shower Door with Right Knee Wall

Right Open Corner Shower Door with Right Knee Wall

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Left Open Corner Shower Door with Left Knee Wall

Left Open Corner Shower Door with Left Knee Wall

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Right Open Corner Shower Panel and Door

Right Open Corner Shower Panel and Door

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Shower Door Details

Corner showers are one of the most common shower configurations used in modern homes today. The two glass walls allow for plenty of natural light, and make the bathroom look more open and airy as well. Corner shower doors work especially well in the historic homes abundant in the metropolitan Washington, DC area, from Fairfax County to Silver Spring. Corner shower doors are a bathroom trend that is here to stay!

What is a Corner Shower Door? - A corner shower door has two glass sides that connect and two sides that are solid, usually tiled areas. Sometimes one side of a corner shower will have what is known as a knee- or half-wall, where the bottom half will be a tiled wall. These shorter walls are used because of architectural elements of the bathroom, like the shower being next to a toilet or vanity. When you’re choosing your shower door configuration to get a quote, look out for which way the door opens (left or right) and whether you need those knee- or half-walls on your corner shower door.

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Steam Shower

We offer a full enclosure, or transom at the top of your shower that can be opened to allow steam to escape, or closed, to keep the steam in.

Steam Shower Transom


Doors can open to the left or right, and the hinges can be attached to the wall,or to another pane of glass, depending on how your shower is set up.

Door Openings


For the Corner 90° shower, you can have two full walls and two glass walls for the shower enclosure or two full walls, one glass wall and one half wall. These configurations are shown below and when you go through our easy online quote process.


Why Choose a Dulles Glass Shower?

Durable, High-Quality Products - Our showers are made of the highest-quality heavy shower glass in either either 3/8" or 1/2", both of which offer superior structural integrity for your shower enclosure.

Safe and Hygienic - Frameless showers are durable and constructed with the best quality hardware. In addition, they're easy to clean, because of the lack of a frame to collect dirt and moisture.

Fully Customizable - You can customize your shower just how you want it: thickness of glass; glass tints and types; hardware finishes, and glass surface protection.

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Recommended Corner Shower Door Widths

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a corner shower door is the configuration and measurements. The swinging part of a corner shower door will usually be between 22” and 36” (based on local building codes). If the side of the glass shower with the door on it needs to be wider than 36”, then you will need to add another glass panel to make up the difference. You’ll see this extra glass panel on some of the different configurations available to you when you are getting a quote on the price of your new shower door.

Is a Corner Shower Door Right for My Small Bathroom?

When you should choose a corner bathroom shower is simple:

  1. If you have an existing corner shower door, such as one with an outdated brass frame around it, then you’ll probably want to replace your shower enclosure with one of the same shape -- but with a much more updated look!
  2. If you are remodeling a small bathroom that doesn’t currently have a separate shower (think an old bathroom with just a claw-foot tub), then you might have some leeway in the shape you choose. A corner shower can be tucked away and use the room’s existing walls.

Corner Shower Doors For a New Home

Sleek, modern corner shower enclosures are perfect for your new home. Talk to your builder or contractor -- tell them you want an upgrade from the standard, builder-grade shower that’s sure to disappoint you in short order. Or, if you’re remodeling a home that was built within the last 30 years or so, you’re sure to encounter those lovely framed shower doors -- you know, the kind with the sticking doors and crusty metal rims. Ditch your old shower for a brand-new, easy upgrade for your new home purchase. A new frameless corner shower is the perfect addition for your modern home, from Northern Virginia to Silver Spring, Maryland.

Custom Corner Shower Doors for Vintage Homes

One particular advantage you’ll have when working with our glass experts is a unique knowledge of the Washington, DC metropolitan area and the unique architecture that can be found in historic districts surrounding the nation’s capitol. One very important feature of our service is the ability to create custom frameless shower doors for every need. Here are a few things we can tackle:

Uneven Walls: All -- that’s right, ALL -- older homes will have settled over time, resulting in uneven floors. Some older homes will be worse than others when it comes to uneven walls, floors, or ceilings. Angles will not be perfect right angles, and ceilings may be lower than usual and crooked. With proper measurements, your new corner shower door will be constructed to fit your space!

Sloped Ceilings: Your small or uniquely-shaped bathroom may have a sloped ceiling where you’re attempting to tuck your shower into a nook or cranny where a standard one won’t fit. That’s where mass-produced shower doors simply aren’t going to cut it. Your shower glass panels will be custom-cut, paired with beautiful hardware, and installed with care.

Installing Your Frameless Corner Shower Enclosure

Like all of our shower enclosures, your new corner shower enclosure will be installed with great care. Our installation technicians are trained for years, and most shower doors can be installed in one day. Your shower installation crew will arrive on time and work quickly. Want to know more? Visit our Installation Services section to learn more.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our customer recently shared the transformation of their old, out-dated framed corner shower door into a brand-new frameless shower door. We love to see what our customers have to say after their frameless shower enclosure is installed!

“Please let everyone involved in this purchase know that I appreciate their cooperation and the hard work in getting this done for my wife and I. We really appreciate it and love the new shower! I attached a few pics that are not even close to how it actually looks. The bathroom hasn't been painted at this point but gives an idea of how great it's going to look.” --Charles Quamina

corner shower before and after

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