How To Keep Your Glass Shower Doors Clean

So you're thinking about getting a brand new frameless glass shower door. But what goes into keeping a glass shower door clean so that their beauty will continue to shine for years? You have many options when it comes to keeping your glass shower doors clean. Here are a few pointers from the glass experts.

Why Do You Have To Clean Your Glass Shower Doors?

At first glance, your glass shower doors appear to have an impermeable surface. But glass is actually quite porous. This porosity allows water to seep into the pores of the glass causing corrosion over time. In order to protect and preserve your glass showers doors’ original shine and beauty, you must take steps to clean and maintain them.

ClearShield Glass Protector

The single best way to protect your shower and make cleaning much easier is to have it treated with ClearShield Glass Protector before you get your new shower installed. This polymeric resin actually changes the surface of the glass, so there are fewer pores and a smoother surface. Here are a few facts about ClearShield Glass Protector, offered exclusively from Dulles Glass:

Keep Shower Door Clean Tips

Other Ways to Clean Your Glass Shower Doors

If you don't opt for the ClearShield Glass Protector, you will need to clean your showers more often -- about 50% more often! Natural remedies and commercial cleaners both work for this job, so stock up.

White Vinegar and Water

An economical and easy way to clean your shower is good old-fashioned white vinegar and water:

  • Economical and eco-friendly glass cleaner.
  • Mix one part white vinegar and two parts water and put into a spray bottle. Use lint-free paper towels or newspaper to avoid streaks.
  • You must clean after every shower to maintain your glass showers doors' shine.
  • While this method is convenient, its success depends on being constantly vigilant against water, soup scum and hard water stains.

Commercial Cleaners

There are many commercial glass cleaners on the market today. Here are a few facts about them:

Make sure to clean your glass using circular overlapping motions and then rinse with clear water. Squeegee excess water off using overlapping vertical motions.

All of these methods will clean your glass shower doors, but the best way is to have your glass shower doors treated with ClearShield Glass Protector.

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