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Polar Glass

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Polar Glass

Polar glass, a distinctive textured variant, sets itself apart from its counterparts like rain glass. With one side textured and the other smooth, this new textured glass variety allows light transmission while providing privacy, offering a sophisticated and versatile choice for diverse architectural applications. Its contemporary texture not only adds aesthetic appeal but also makes it an innovative and distinctive addition to the ever-evolving landscape of architectural materials.

Customizable Options for Polar Glass

It’s quite simple. Choose a shape, enter your measurements, select your favorite glass tint, thickness, strength, edge style, etc., and check out your custom-designed polar glass.


Choose from 6 different shapes for your project.


We custom fabricate to the exact measurements provided by you or your dxf file.


Choose to your preference. We offer glass thicknesses from 3/16”, 1/4", 3/8”, 1/2”, all the way to 3/4”.


Choose from 7 different glass tints/types to match your home decor.

Edge Style

Choose between a flat, beveled, or pencil polished edge on your glass purchase!

Corner Finish

You can choose eased, radius polished, or clip polished corners for safety or design purposes.

Center Hole

We offer center hole sizes from 1”, 2” to 4” for your glass project.

high-quality polar glass cabinet

What is a Polar glass?

It’s an annealed glass that undergoes a specialized process, resulting in a textured surface with intricate patterns on one side and a smooth surface on the other. It offers a delicate balance between privacy and light transmission, with the textured side installed on the exterior, showcasing its visually appealing pattern. The versatility of this glass makes it an ideal choice for applications where both privacy and natural light are important. It’s a stylish solution that offers functionality with aesthetics in residential and commercial settings.

What are the benefits of Polar glass?

This newest variant of textured glass allows for ample light transmission and adds a contemporary touch while maintaining privacy. With proper care and maintenance, Polar glass retains its visual appeal and structural integrity making it a reliable investment for architectural and design applications.

Offers privacy without limiting light

Polar glass provides privacy without blocking natural light, by obscuring views through the glass, giving a perfect balance between openness and seclusion. Its unique design allows light transmission while limiting clear view into a room, making it a highly favored option for various applications.

Easy to maintain

Maintaining Polar glass is a breeze thanks to its unique properties. Its pattern effectively conceals soap scum and water stains, keeping it looking pristine with minimal effort. Plus, its resistance to fingerprint marks and water spots means it stays looking clean for longer, and its durability ensures it won't scratch or mark easily, requiring only a quick wipe down to keep it sparkling.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Polar glass offers more than just functionality—it's a stylish addition to any space. Its textured appearance creates a subtle glow when light filters through, adding a sophisticated touch to interiors and exteriors alike. Whether used in homes or offices, it's a practical yet artistic solution for enhancing aesthetics and functionality. 

polar glass door

Where is Polar glass used?

This glass type finds versatile applications in spaces that receive abundant light. It is commonly used for windows, glass doors, partitions, kitchen cabinets, panels, and shower enclosures. Its strategic placement in these areas allows for preserving privacy without the need for curtains or blinds. It is also a popular choice for full-lite entry doors, offering the dual advantage of filtered light and maintained privacy within the interior of the home. It also serves as a decorative infill for door slabs, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of entrances and giving it a visually interesting design.


Can you see through a Polar glass?

Looking through this type of obscure glass isn't straightforward; while the shape of objects behind the glass is still discernible, the view is influenced by factors such as lighting and distance. The glass introduces a degree of distortion, creating a shadow-like effect on the view while still allowing some details to be visible.

comparison of frosted glass and polar glass

Frosted glass vs. Polar glass

When it comes to these two types of obscure glass, each has its unique characteristics. Frosted glass has a subtle texture on one side, giving it a blurry effect that allows some light to pass through while maintaining privacy. While all frosted glass is obscure, not all obscured glass is frosted, as obscured glass is used for any type that blurs the view.


On the other hand, polar glass has a more pronounced texture that you can feel when you touch it. This texture distorts images on the other side, offering a similar level of privacy without blocking out light completely. One side of the glass feels rough, while the other remains smooth. 

Even though people sometimes use "obscured" and "textured" interchangeably, it's good to remember that obscured glass doesn't always have that textured touch.

polarized tempered shower glass door

Can Polar glass be tempered?

Yes, it can undergo the tempering process. This transformation significantly enhances its strength and durability making it ideal for a diverse range of safety applications. When tempered, it becomes five times stronger than its untreated counterpart. In the event of breakage, tempered Polar glass shatters into small, pellet-like pieces, enhancing safety by minimizing the risk of sharp edges. This makes tempered Polar glass a robust and secure choice for various uses, where strength and safety are paramount considerations. To learn more about tempered glass, visit our blog at the link below.

cleaning solution for polar glass

How to clean Polar glass?

Due to its intricate pattern, cleaning this glass requires more time and care. It's crucial to avoid harsh cleansers and those containing citrus ingredients, as they can potentially damage the glass. For effective stain removal, consider using a scrubber with soft bristles or a specialized glass cleaner from Dulles Glass. For long-term easy maintenance, opt for a ClearShield layer on your glass order to further enhance its resistance to stains and simplify the cleaning process.  Learn more about clearshield by visiting our blog.

polarized glass edge

What is the edge treatment for Polar glass?

Flat polish is the only recommended option for this glass type to maintain its appearance, as beveled or penciled polish can alter its textured surface. A flat-polished edge is great for display purposes, giving a sophisticated and finished look. It works well for things like replacement glass, panels, and doors. 

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