Bar Designs: Remodeling Your Bar or Pub With Dulles Glass

by Nancy DeZarn

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Is it time to update the interior of your bar or pub, or just give it a refresh with some new decor? Changing up a few small things at a time will help. There are two main reasons for remodeling in small installments. The first reason is that you can stay up to date on trends. The second reason is that you can distribute your budget over time rather than paying one large payment. We recommend adding new glass tabletops, mirrors and shelves during a major remodeling project.

Custom Mirror Bar Designs

Dulles Glass, a leader in glass interior design, specializes in fabricating and installing custom commercial mirrors. We can install full-length wall mirrors or a specific style of mirror such as beveled or tinted gray mirrors to compliment the interior design of your business. We also offer custom glass shelves to go with your mirror. For instance, you can match the color of your glass shelves to your mirror- match bronze shelves with a bronze mirror or smoke tinted gray mirrors with gray shelves.

Match The Color of Your Bar Mirrors And Shelves

Bar mirrors are not only an attractive centerpiece, but they are also practical. Not only do bar mirrors act as a splash guard for your walls, but certain glass colors can also accentuate your selection of liquor. Accentuate dark spirits with a bronze mirror and bronze shelf. The dark caramel-colored bronze glass will bring out the warm amber tones in your whiskey and bourbon drinks. Or compliment your crystal clear spirits, such as sake or vodka with our ultra-clear HDGlassTM, the clearest glass on the market. If you want a subtle yet elegant look, then choose the gray mirrors and glass shelves.

What if I Want to Have a Mirror Installed Where There Is an Electrical Outlet?

In addition to our selection of mirror styles, Dulles Glass can custom cut the mirrors to fit around outlets, light switches, and any other protrusion that may make it challenging to hang a mirror. Our custom cut mirrors can be sized to fit any wall. Don’t forget to check out our outlet covers for mirrors.  If your bar has outside seating, we can also custom cut patio tables with holes to fit umbrellas.

Our current custom mirror sale includes a 2-year warranty, measurements, delivery, and installation.

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wall mounted shelves

Wall Mounted Bar Shelves and Bar Mirrors with Shelves

We can customize glass shelves, mirrors and glass tabletops to your specifications. Our glass shelving units are made of tempered glass which is seven times stronger than standard glass. As a safety feature and to prevent injury, tempered glass does not break into sharp fragments.

Get started on your bar renovation and consider the following when choosing a custom mirror:

  • What look are you trying to achieve? For a vintage look, choose beveled mirrors.
  • To achieve a unique look, opt for an over-sized oval or circular mirror.
  • If you want bar mirrors with shelves, go for a rectangular or square mirror.
  • To add ambiance to your pub or bar, choose a wall mirror which can be ultra-clear or tinted.

 Glass Shelves for Bar Designs

Our glass shelves can be customized to fit your specifications. If you need to use corner space in your bar, opt for our corner shelves, which can be customized in the following shapes: triangle, pentagon, and quarter units. Corner shelves can be purchased at our online store.

Customize Your Glass Shelf With One Of The Following Glass Types: 

Clear Glass: As the name implies, this clear glass is standard and economical and is tempered for safety.

HDGlassTM: This type of glass is the clearest glass on the market and is exclusively manufactured by Dulles Glass.

Frosted (Acid-Etch) Glass: A whitish opaque glass for added privacy.

Bronze Glass: A caramel-colored glass that looks great in retro designs.

Gray Glass: This is the darkest tint that we offer and it suits modern design.

bar shelves

Additional Glass Shelf Bracket Finishes 

Add the final touch with custom hardware finishes for your mirror or shelves in chrome, brushed nickel, brass or oil-rubbed bronze.

When choosing glass shelf hardware, consider your overall aesthetic. If you are going for a retro look, we recommend black or brass hardware. For a more traditional look, we recommend brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze. If you want a modern look, choose chrome, black or white.

Add A Bar Mirror & Shelf Combo To Your Bar Design

We can also install mirrors and glass shelves together to create an attractive storage area for your liquor. Our custom glass shelves are tempered for durability and safety. Both shelves and mirrors can be cut to fit your space. The glass installers will safely and securely install your mirrors and shelves.

Why Choose Dulles Glass for Your Bar Design For Custom Mirrors, Shelves and Installation?

  • Quotes are free!
  • Best installation turnaround time in the business. We’re fast!
  • Full-time professional installers on staff.
  • Safe, high-quality products.
  • Purchase includes installation & warranty.


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