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DIY Closets With Custom Mirrors & Glass Shelves

DIY Closets With Custom Mirrors & Glass Shelves

Dulles Glass


Wed Jun 07 2023

A collage of glass doors showcasing various styles, including 3 images of classy closet doors and glass shelves in a modern design.

A DIY closet door with custom glass shelves for closet storage is one way to makeover your room in a short period of time. The closet is one area that can over time become neglected and disorganized. Many closets are often overlooked in terms of design & decor. Today, we'll cover not only the design but also the functional aspect of closets- storage & organization. While many closet systems are made of wood or wire racks, we would like to introduce a material that is easier to clean and will brighten up the look of your closet- glass!

Let's start with the most noticed part of your closet, your closet door. Depending on your personal style you may want a traditional closet door, a modern closet door, or a personalized style that is unique to you. Before you embark on your DIY closet door, take into consideration how it will complement your bedroom's overall design.

DIY Closet Door With Custom Glass

For an instant makeover, you can glue glass to your door. Yes, it can look attractive if done correctly. First, you will need a glue that is clear and will not leave residue once dried. Nano470 glass glue is ideal for a variety of surfaces for gluing glass to wood, metal, or a mirror. The glass glue is highly resilient and is a heavy-duty adhesive that does not require UV light to cure. 


Bronze mounted mirrors on closet door in beige room

So, what types of glass can you use to decorate your closet door? If you have a flat surface for your closet door, you can order mirror strips for a modern look. Once you clean the door, you can glue your mirror strip onto the surface for a new look. Mirror strips can be customized by length and width to fit your exact closet door as well as in a variety of glass tints. If you aren't satisfied with just mirror strips, you can glue them on a sheet of glass for a unique design similar to the photo above. You can also center the mirror strips vertically or create your own design.

DIY Closet Door Mirror Strips & Supplies

  • Rectangle mirror strips to frame the top and bottom in gray, bronze, or clear mirror tints. You can choose the width and length of your mirror strips. The centerpiece can be a standard mirror framed by beveled or tinted mirror strips. Or you can choose a custom glass cut in beveled, bronze, gray, or frosted.


  • Glass glue to glue the mirror strips onto the closet door. Don't use regular glue as it will create a mess and not bond as strongly as glass glue. For more information on how to glue glass, visit our Quora how-to blog.


Curved wall of shelving with white wooden doors

All White Wardrobe With Custom Frosted Glass

One trend that looks great with contemporary decor is an all-white wardrobe. Pair a white wardrobe with frosted white glass shelves for a coordinated look. Dulles Glass can assist you in an all-white wardrobe DIY closet. To get an all-white wardrobe, you will need frosted glass for closet door replacement glass and frosted glass for your floating glass shelves. You will first be asked to input the glass size that you want. Afterward, you can customize by glass thickness and then glass type, where you will see the selection of glass tints.

Custom Glass Closet Shelves


Frosted glass shelves with buckets in closet

Whether you have a walk-in closet, a built-in wardrobe, or a reach-in closet, you can order custom glass closet shelves online. Begin remodeling your closet by measuring your closet space to determine the dimensions of your glass shelves for width, length, and also the depth of your closet. You'll also want to measure floor to ceiling and space your shelves 12 inches apart on a vertical axis or more depending on the intended storage use of the shelf. For instance, if you will be using decorative storage boxes, you may want to account for the measurements of those boxes so that you space your shelves out accordingly. Luckily, you can customize the size of your glass shelf to fit the length and width of whatever item you will be storing. While many people choose rectangular glass shelves for their closet storage, you can also mix and match them with square glass shelves and corner glass shelves.

Tinted Glass Shelves For Closet Storage

You can also customize your glass type to match your closet door. For an earthy look that will match your wooden closet doors, you can go with bronze-tinted glass shelves. Another glass tint that you can opt for is gray-tinted glass shelves. Or keep it simple with clear glass. Dulles Glass also lets you mix and match glass shelf brackets for a truly unique look. There are many types of glass shelf brackets and hardware finishes available: Chrome, satin chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, brass, and brushed nickel. Other glass shelf customizations include edgework, corner styles, and glass type in tempered or annealed.

You can easily customize DIY closet shelves and closet doors to fit your personal style. Get started today by visiting Dulles Glass. To ensure that your order is to your liking, we recommend that you sketch the layout of your ideal closet space and measure it twice!

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