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DIY Mirror Frame

DIY Mirror Frame

Dulles Glass


Mon May 22 2023

A collage of mirrors and furniture, including 4 DIY mirror frames.

Update your bathroom vanity with a DIY mirror frame made from salvaged vintage parts and a custom-cut mirror from Dulles Glass. These mirrors are budget-friendly and made from salvageable parts. Below are several awesome ideas for DIY projects to frame your custom mirror.

Supplies To Frame Your Mirror

Prepare for your project by gathering the necessary supplies to frame your mirror. First, decide what you will use as a frame. Measure those dimensions and then go to Dulles Glass to find a custom-cut mirror to fit your frame. Secure your mirror to a flat surface such as a door, closet, or wall, with glass glue and hardware.



Vintage Window Frame Over Mirror



You don't need to spend a lot of money on this project. Just find a vintage window frame that you want to substitute as a mirror frame. Then, select a custom-size mirror that fits your window frame. You can choose from four shapes: Square, round, rectangle, or oval. If your window frame is painted, err on the side of caution and remove the paint in a safe manner. Stain or paint your mirror frame prior to securing the mirror. If you prefer the industrial look, use a metal window frame as shown below for a unique DIY project

Boat Porthole Mirror


Image Source: http://skipjacksnauticalliving.blogspot.com/2014/12/

Ready to find out how to frame a mirror from a boat porthole? Let's get nautical! Similar to the window frame mirror, this project repurposes boat windows. This mirror would look great in a beach house paired with striped navy blue walls. For this particular porthole shape, a square mirror would be inserted. However, many boat portholes will use round-shaped mirrors. Luckily for you, Dulles Glass will have a custom-sized round or square mirror for your project. This material will need a special glass-to-metal glue that will secure your mirror to the porthole.

Barnyard DIY Mirror Frame

Screen-Shot-2017-05-30-at-12.09.19-PM (1).png
Image Source: http://whiteshanty.com/product/single-panel-mirror-door/

Install a mirror on your barnyard sliding door with some mirror glue and hardware. This project is bigger in scope but would be a clever way to disguise a messy wall shelf, entertainment set, or closet. Making your own barn door mirror may take more time than other projects, but it's going to save you lots of money considering some barn doors cost up to $1,000. You will need reclaimed wood for this project, so look on Craig's list or in flea markets for some original pieces. Here's a video to get you started on how to make a reclaimed wood mirror frame.

Customize Your Mirror:

The convenience of being able to choose a specific size mirror for your DIY project isn't the only customization available. You can also choose a glass tint for your mirror: 

  • Bronze-tinted mirror glass


  • Gray-tinted mirror glass

Although we have four mirror edge options, seamed mirror edges are best for framed mirrors.


Step By Step Instructions For Framing A Mirror:

  • Use a table saw to cut 45-degree angles at each corner fitting or simply cut the wood into four pieces.


  • In order to encase your mirror and the frame backing, cut 1/2" deep around the inside of the wood using a router. 1/4" will be allocated to your mirror's thickness and 1/4" will be allocated to your mirror backing.


  • Measure the width and length of your barn door mirror frame and select a mirror based on those dimensions. Remember to measure from the inside of the frame and not include the outer frame.



Do you have any mirror frame ideas? We love to hear about our customer's DIY projects. Share your ideas in the comment section below. In the meantime, take a look at our custom mirrors before you begin your DIY mirror frame project.


Buy a Custom Mirror for Your DIY Mirror Project

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