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by Nancy DeZarn

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Are you looking for a sleek, modern upgrade for your home decor? New frameless mirrors hung without brackets can create a stylish look. The best part? Dulles Glass can install them if you live in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Check if your address is in our service area.

Mirrors | Wall Mirrors, Gym Mirrors & More

What are you going to use your new mirrors for? If your use is a utility, like a gym or dance studio mirror, you should consult with a mirror expert at Dulles Glass. They’ll help you figure out the right size for your space and function, along with any customizations, like cutouts for outlets or safety backing. If your new mirrors will mainly serve a decorative purpose, what room are you planning to install them in? For a master bathroom, we recommend two mirrors or a long mirror that covers both vanities. For smaller bathrooms, oversized round mirrors or long rectangular mirrors will look stylish. For gathering areas such as foyers, dens, and hallways, a wall mirror can add the impression of space and enhance the effect of lighting.

Custom Size Mirrors

Different types of mirror glass produce a different look and feel. Bronze and gray mirrors are our two most opaque types of glass and can add a stately ambiance to a foyer, den or fireplace mantel. You’ll want clear mirror glass for gyms, yoga studios or any room that fitness activities will be the main use of the space. While our gym mirrors can be fabricated in square or rectangular shapes depending upon the dimensions of the space they’ll be installed in, mirrors for your other rooms, including bedrooms, bathrooms, foyers or fireplaces, can be cut in oval, circular, square or rectangular shapes.

Custom Cutouts For Wall Mirror Installation

Custom Mirrors

After you decide on where you’re putting up your new mirrors, and your style objectives, make a note of any areas that will need cutouts for things such as outlets, TV mounts, and light switches. Make measurements of the walls or surfaces. You can submit all of this information for an online mirror price estimate. We can also come to your home or business and take the measurements for you and even walk through exactly what you want to achieve with each room. Keep in mind that for gym mirrors, because we want them to fit perfectly in the room you specify, we always do a home or business consultation in-person before we begin fabricating. Finally, don’t forget you can also visit one of our showrooms and discuss glass options with one of our glass experts. Either way, we will give you a no-obligation price quote as soon as we have enough details about your project, usually in 24 hours or less.

Frameless or Beveled Mirror Edges?

For some rooms, frameless mirrors will look best. How can you hang your new mirrors up without brackets? This method ensures a sleek, seamless look. Our installation technicians can install your frameless mirror directly to walls with mastic. Beveled mirrors can add a more traditional look to family rooms. To see all of the options available for mirrors from Dulles Glass and find out what we can do for you today visit the Dulles Glass website.

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