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Mirrors For Closets, Armoires & Doors

Mirrors For Closets, Armoires & Doors

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Mon May 22 2023

Rooms featuring custom mirrors, each reflecting the beauty of its surroundings with style.

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After staining their barnyard closet door, our customer created a DIY mirrored closet door with a frameless closet mirror that was cut to their specifications. The mirrored closet door makeover required mirror clips on the top, bottom, and sides to fasten the mirror in place. Mirror clip hardware has two finishes in brass and chrome with square or round styling.

Closet Door Mirror Customizations

You can order your mirror in four different sizes: rectangle, square, round, and oval. Custom sizes allow you to creatively fit your mirror in any space in your home. While Dulles Glass offers several mirror edgeworks, beveled and flat polish edges look best when mirrors are unframed. Mirror tints are also available in gray and bronze.

Here's what our customer had to say about their closet mirror door:

"The door for our closet. It's a vintage door I cleaned with a steel brush and then did a couple of coats of poly to seal it. We added a handle and had to add the bottom piece for it to be the right size. We installed a mirror on the other side."

While our customer ordered a rectangle frameless mirror for your sliding barnyard closet door, there are many options available to create a look of your own when redesigning a closet door.

Gluing Acrylic Mirrors On Closet Doors



An alternative mirror to use on closet doors comes in a glassless form- acrylic closet door mirrors. In a previous blog post, our customer Peggy transformed an old closet door into a mirrored closet with custom-cut acrylic mirrors and mirror glass glue. When gluing mirrors to surfaces such as closet doors, it is important to clean the area first and use a special type of glass glue otherwise you risk damaging the mirror backing. Before ordering her custom-cut mirrors, Peggy measured her closet door so that the mirror would cover the door completely. Since Peggy had an accordion closet door, she ordered four custom-cut rectangle mirrors to cover each side of the closet door.

Custom Size Sliding Mirror Closet Doors

There are numerous ways to design your closet door with mirrors. If your closet has a flat even surface, you can combine mirror glass with tinted glass for an edgy effect. Gray mirror strips on closet doors will look beautiful and modern next to taupe and earth-tone colors. We also carry bronze mirrors that can be custom-cut to fit any closet door. Create an illusion of heightened space by gluing vertical mirror strips to your closet door or layer clear glass mirrors with tinted mirrors. Beveled mirrors and mirrors with angled edges can create a classic look for your closet door.

Armoire & Interior Door With Mirror On One Side


While many people love DIY projects, sometimes you just need replacement glass. If you have a vintage armoire or closet door that is missing a mirror or if the mirror is broken, you can easily order replacement mirrors in a custom size and shape.

You now have a couple of ideas for closet mirror designs. Before ordering your custom-cut mirrors, take accurate measurements of your closet door's width and length. Take note of any design challenges such as uneven surfaces and accordion doors. For the most part, installing custom cut closet mirrors should take less than an hour depending on the scope of the project.


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