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Glass & Mirror Wedding Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Guest Say WOW

Glass & Mirror Wedding Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Guest Say WOW

Dulles Glass


Fri Sep 01 2023

A montage of pictures showcasing glass and mirror wedding decor ideas

Calligraphed Glass Signs

A great way to display any message or direction your guest will need is on a glass wall. Either only have the glass displayed, accompany the glass with a wood or flower backdrop, or display the glass on a rocky slab like this couple did. To DIY the writing on the glass, we recommend purchasing Thick Oil Based Sharpie Markers and printing out a template to place under the glass so you can trace the words.

Adjustments.plist (40).jpg


Mirror Placemats

For some modern dining decor, use frameless round, rectangular, or square mirrors as placemats. Not only will this help keep everything clean, but it adds a beautiful and very professional look to your wedding table decor. Check out our ready-to-ship mirror placemats or custom designs for your table space.

IMG_3422 (1).JPG


Mirror Welcome Signs

Similar to the glass signs, we’ve been seeing mirrors being used to display signature cocktails, diner menus, and in this case, a welcome sign. Not only are mirrors a necessity in your getting-ready suite, but they can serve as beautiful wedding decor while providing info to your guests. For a vintage feel, I recommend framing a frameless mirror in an oval shape and topping it off with a gold ornate patterned frame. If you're going for a more modern look, use no frame at all.

Love to DIY? Just like the glass signs, this type of wedding decor is also easy to create, here's how:

What You’ll Need

  • Vinyl Decal 
  • Transfer Tape/Paper 
  • Your Custom Mirror 


Step One:
First off you must get rid of excess vinyl outside of the design. Make sure you don’t forget the middles of some of the letters.

Step Two:
Place transfer paper over your design, use a plastic store card to smooth out the design ridding of any bumps or air bubbles. 

Step Three:
Once the transfer tape has stuck to your design, turn it over and peel off the backing paper. If the letters are lifting up with it, turn it over and use a card to smooth the transfer paper again. Repeat this technique until you're just left with the vinyl and the transfer paper stuck together. 

Step Four:
Arrange the letters the way you want them placed on the mirror press down towards the middle of the design and begin smoothing outwards. Once the letters are stuck down, use a card or vinyl applicator to again smooth and push the letters down. Do this gently to prevent scratching on the mirror. 

Step Five:
Peel the transfer paper off, making sure that the design does not come up with it. Remember not to clean the mirror with anything abrasive!


E4094505-FE55-40D4-A327-1D680B8FBE4A (1).jpg


Wine Barrel Table

These barrel tables are such a cute way to display appetizers, desserts, and even seating cards especially if your wedding is taking place in a vineyard. To make this barrel table more modern, rather than using a wood table top, top your barrel table off with a glass table top. Click here to view our options for glass table tops at Dulles Glass.

Adjustments.plist (41).jpg

@lulabeeweddings I Photo by: Katie Jackson 

Mirrored Wedding Tables

A mirrored table top will truly make your guest say WOW. So long to the little round mirror in the center of the table. Covering the whole table with a large round mirror adds drama and elegance to your dining decor. With some wine and candlelight, you’ll want to pull up a chair and stay for a while. 

Adjustments.plist (42).jpg


Mirror Aisle

A mirrored aisle? How much better could it get? If you're stressing about what color aisle to have, if it’ll fit your color theme, and the other decor at your wedding, I highly recommend choosing a mirrored aisle. First off, It goes with everything! You also get a huge bonus with the mirrored aisle if you have beautiful ceiling decor. 

Adjustments.plist (43).jpg


Mirrored Standing Table

It's always the little things that make the biggest impact. How cute is this mirrored side table for your guest to gather around and rest their many glasses of champagne on your special day? Click here to get the perfect mirror for your table today!

IMG_3673 (2).JPG

Glass Sweetheart Table

Make sure your glass table is truly the most special by creating one entirely out of glass. Especially With the addition of beautiful floral decor just as in the table below, you can’t go wrong with a glass sweetheart table.


Adjustments.plist (44).jpg


Mirror Centerpiece

Not trying to have mirrored dining tables? Opt for a mirrored centerpiece. Place a couple of candles, an arrangement of flowers, or maybe even drinks for each table on these circular mirrors in the middle of your dining tables.

Adjustments.plist (45).jpg


Mirror Table Runner

How cute is this mirror table runner? This is perfect if your dining tables are rectangular vs circular. With this table runner, your dining decor will appear much more organized.

Adjustments.plist (46).jpg


Mirror Seating Chart

We absolutely love this idea! I recommend either using vinyl decals or writing on the mirror with an oil-based Sharpie paint marker. Have this cute mirror standing by your dining tables so you can ditch name tags and stick to table numbers so your guests know where to sit.

Adjustments.plist (47).jpg



Glass Table Markers

How cute and elegant! These small glass signs are perfect for labeling your tables, or sending a little message to your guest that doesn’t need to be the center of attention.

Adjustments.plist (48).jpg

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