Heathered Nest: DIY Master Bathroom Remodel (With a Little Dulles Glass Help!)

by Nancy DeZarn

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What's this special delivery? It's one of our installation teams with a brand new shower! We've been so lucky this year to work with some amazing DIYers, and one of our favorite projects has been working with the fantastic DIY team over at the Heathered Nest blog. Heather and her husband have been gutting and remodeling homes for years, so they have a lot of skills in this area. When we got the opportunity to work with them on their master bathroom remodel, we jumped at the chance!

Heather details the process of getting her new walk-in frameless shower in one of her latest posts, so head on over to her blog to see what it's really like to work with Dulles Glass, in the words of one of our favorite customers!

Heather's shower "before" photo!

For this project, Heather approached us for help transforming her 90's brass-framed shower into a modern, frameless walk-in. Of course, this is right up our alley! Heather used our online quote form to get a quote on her new shower. Since they're avid DIYers, they knew the measurements for the new shower they were creating. But if you're not gutting your bathroom yourself, never fear! Our designers and technicians will help you get your measurements just right.

After we double-checked their pristine measurements, we fabricated a beautiful frameless corner shower for their new master bathroom space. As part of the quote process, Heather was able to choose exactly the glass types, thicknesses, and hardware that would match her beautiful new master bathroom.

While Heather and her husband worked tirelessly on the rest of their awesome bathroom remodel, we were able to sneak in and install the new glass shower in just about two hours. You can see how amazing this installation is by watching the time lapse of the whole installation below. Even though it is in super-fast time, you can see how amazingly fast and efficient our installers are. Thanks so much for taking and sharing this unbelievable video!

According to Heather, they love their new shower. There's a little sneak preview below. But for the full effect of this beautiful transformation, you can see the entire master bathroom BIG reveal here at the Heathered Nest!

Heathered Nest Bathroom remodel.

Photo courtesy of Heathered Nest.

What are you waiting for! Get a quote for your new frameless shower today!


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